Monday, August 24, 2015

You set em up and I'll knock em back, Lloyd

An exasperating late afternoon taking my mother to her Doctor's visit. At times taking her to the doctor you just wish you could go into a drug induced coma.  Complaining the whole time about not wanting to go, etc. it is a struggle some days.  My brother and I do believe in family and as such we share the chores that have to be done for our mother. 

I find it hard to believe when I listen to other people talking about their aging parent(s) how they let their sister handle the responsibilities or because they don't live in their parents geographic area anymore they just let other neighbors or cousins do the job they should be home doing.  They have even said when they go "home" for vacation (maybe 3 days out of the year, the other two weeks are for them to vacation elsewhere) they spend their time visiting other people instead of trying to arrange things for their parent.   Man up people! you may become an alcoholic from doing it but they are your parents and your responsibility.

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