Monday, September 14, 2015

Tonight the Delmar Maryland Mayor and Commissioners Meet

I see on-street parking is on this agenda.  I think Woodcreek on-street parking has been a discussion item even before it was built.  On-street parking is a mess in Woodcreek, the mess was created by the town and Fire department approving sub division plans with streets too narrow and not having the backbone to stand up to the developer.  In their defense I will say it was their first actual sub division so they didn't know what they were doing.   But the current question from me is why isn't the golf course correcting their problem of knocking balls into neighbor yards.  They were talking about putting a net up on Bi-state to prevent it then they said it was too expensive and planted three little trees that were suppose to grow and stop the balls from crossing the road, now those trees are dead and everyone is ignoring the problem.  There is lack of initiative on the Delmar Maryland council. 

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