Friday, September 18, 2015

Walking and Comments For Friday

The weather is great for walking

Public Works was doing a little sprucing up for heritage days tomorrow
Fresh Mulch
Other events going on this weekend
Ocean City has Bike week in case you haven't noticed the bikes
much like selling boats in the fall when bike week comes along everyone trying to sell a bike has got it out to show.

Sharptown will have their Heritage Day

Millsboro has their Boro Bash this Saturday at the Millsboro Little League Complex

also this weekend at St. Francis de Sales Catholic church in Salisbury the 19th and 20th

French Foreign Legion 1950's  in the days when there was a certain romantic mystique about the foreign legion.  Wow sandals and only one guy has sunglasses, no doubt he is the one hoping no one will recognize him.

Fall Wild flowers are in bloom making a brilliant display everywhere.  The above is along RT13
I went to Princess Anne a couple of days ago to visit

The book and antique stores that the Somerset Historical Society has.

There are two locations and the money made from the sales of the consignment goods go to support the Teackle mansion.

I assume a number of you watched the debates on TV the other night.  The media can say what they want to say but there is no other candidates close to Trump.  I found it strange that they had one group of 4 for an hour and than a second group of 11 for three hours.  I can only assume the media was trying to give the impression that there were candidates doing better than what they actually were so they put them in the first tier, instead of having a group of 7 and a group of 8.  It must have been grueling for them to stand for three hours under those hot flood lights.  A number of them, I thought, looked a bit faint at the end.    You of course think that the ones who say what you want hear stood out in the debate. The ones I am most interested in are; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal,  Senator Marco Rubio,  Donald Trump, and Mike Huckabee,

An ad from the 1970's

NS 7221 and other locomotives are in town this morning pushing a train north

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