Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Comments

The bombing by U. S. Forces of a Doctor Without Borders hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz which left at least 22 people dead; may be the first time one Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama, has bombed another Nobel peace Prize winner, Doctors Without Borders.

I was by a Thrift Store, a week or so back, and came across this LP by John Travolta, who knew he recorded?  Obviously from his Vinnie Barbarino days on "Welcome Back. Kotter".  The interesting thing is the album has no name, other than John Travolta, so I guess he only did one.
Second World War B-17 Lower Gun Turret space

St. Stephen's Fall Festival is going on today.  Between the funeral happening today and the normal post office traffic a parking spot is at a premium.  Lots of yardsales and festivals today but not much people traffic happening.



Park Chowol;  Geisha in Kyoto 3 - Kyoto, Japan - 2013

 Amick farms Feed Mill, just north of Delmar Town limits, are using the corn storage bags again this year.
and the corn price is; $3.88

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