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Yes, it is tonight between 6 to 8 pm for 12 and under age group

The Coliseum was south of Delmar on old RT13, local Delmar fighter Mike Kenekepk was featured.
For more info on the Coliseum go here

Some times it is the best thing you can say about a property

We usually go to a thrift store in Laurel on Thursdays for our buying  "things we really don't need and have no place to store" stuff.  It is the cheapest (pricewise) thrift store in the area.  Is spite of the really low prices people just like to steal from it.  Last week I watched a Black guy try on an army surplus raincoat, walk around the store with it on and than walked out the front door with out paying for it.  This week an old white guy had purchased something that was in a bag and he tried to walk out the store with a pair of shoes not paid for.  The store volunteer clerk ran him down and told him to stand in line and pay for it.  While standing in line we watched him put the shoes in his bag and walk out with them.  We have found it is pointless to tell the volunteers about the stealing as they don't know what to do about it. 
We took a visit to Jeff's Greenhouse over in Bethel a couple of days ago

Looks like he is getting ready for Christmas

I heard on the news the other night about part of the Hearn building in downtown Cambridge collapsing and how it had disrupted things and affected the businesses.  I expect one day to hear the same about the building in Delmar that Chris Mills owns.
At last! My arm is complete again!  - Sweeney Todd

Recently it was announced that Walgreen and Rite Aid drugstores are merging.  Now in Delmar we have both.  One is in Maryland and the other is in Delaware.  I have to wonder which building will go vacant, the shopping center one or the stand alone building in Maryland.  Which every way it goes it is not good for Delmar as there is one less option to select from.  Certainly people will be laid- off.  My insurance allows me to purchase in both states but I think some insurance limits you to Maryland or Delaware only. 

I am sure a number of you watched the Republican debates and were as disappointed as I was with the moderators, particularly Carl Quintanilla.  Anyway some candidates came out strong and some lost.  I thought Sen. Rubio did a good job of deflecting negative things about him and I was particularly please when he was talking about social security and he said something along the lines of my mother is on social security and I will do nothing that would harm her.  I still think Trump stands out over all of them.  He was even able to "prove" himself when he forced the network to reduce the time from three and a half hours to two hours.  The man has power and he can negotiate.

above Rick Lovekin and Nancy Lynch at the Delmar Library

I went to the Delmar Library talk, Nancy Lynch gave, called "Vietnam mailbag".  Nancy had a column in the Wilmington  News Journal in the late 1960's where servicemen from Delaware serving in Vietnam could write in and discuss or comment on anything they wanted to.  A few years back she made a book out of the letters.  166 Delawareans died in the conflict.  Rick Lovekin, a Huey helicopter door gunner also talked on Vietnam.  I found it to be interesting,  as this conflict fit my age group.  They had a number of show and tell items to look at also.  One of the things I could not help but wonder about is by the year 2000 people were texting and sending emails and using other electronic forms of communication.  Most of this communication was deleted, with no hard copy kept.  In fifty or so years when people go to write about the current conflicts how are they going to find out what the individuals thought about the conflicts as there will be no handwritten letter tucked away in some parents attic from them or a relative writing about the "war'. 

Golders Green Crematorium London Borough of Barnet Greater London, England© Jeane Trend-Hi
Bram Stoker is best known for his 1897 horror novel "Dracula", which established the popular modern day legend of the fictional 'vampire" of the title.

 Japanese army veteran praying for his fallen comrades in Yasukuni shrine, which is a Japanese Shinto shrine to war dead who served the Emperor of Japan during wars from 1867–1951. This eligibility includes civilians in service and government officials. Yasukuni is a shrine to house the actual souls of the dead as kami, or "spirits/souls" as loosely defined in the English words.

Above is a captured German WW1 anti tank gun, big isn't it and you can imagine the recoil when you fired it.  In the 1960's and 1970's Gun magazines would have ads to sell mail order guns.  They ranged from war surplus rifles (Lee Enfield .303 were popular for under $20) to pistols (Webley .455 revolvers for $25 was a good item) and they sold antitank guns.  No federal or state okay to buy was required.  you just sent your check in and you got the gun.  I purchased a couple of guns that way.  The antitank guns were sold for about $80 to $100.  The cartridge for those guns, as to be expected, was big.  They also cost a dollar a shell which considering other ammo (.45 acp) was about a nickel a shell was expensive for the time. 


I guess the point of saying this is, in a time when there were less restrictions on buying firearms, the only school shooting you heard of was in 1970 when the Ohio National Guard shot a number of students at Kent State University. 
So certainly the school shootings today is not the fault of the availability of firearms.

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swampcritter2 said...

As long as you're on the subject of firearms I may as well tell you that I can remember as a kid in Salisbury going to the old Willie's Fair surplus store on Church St. The place looked like an armory on the inside . Racks of rifles from WWI and WWII ran the length of the building. 303 Enfields and Russian Mosins could be had for $12. I don't recall seeing any Garands there but earlier this spring a very good gunsmith in Delaware built one for me and all I will say is that it cost me much more than $99.
Also the National Guard unit that fired on the students at Kent State were shooting M1 Garands. Four people died. I say four people and not four students. Two were students who just happened to be walking to class. Two were agitators. The picture you show is a famous one and shows the body of one of the agitators. The girl crying in the picture was a runaway. If I remember correctly she was only 15 or 16 years old. She petitioned the State of Ohio last year for money she claimed to be damages for the trauma she suffered 45 years ago when the Ohio National Guard shot her boyfriend in front of her.