Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Wednesday Comments

Delmar Planning and Zoning meets tomorrow night

The Delmar Police department has a facebook page
it doesn't seem to be updated on a regular basis but perhaps something of interest will appear.

and smile, for those who work, you are halfway thru the week.

Remember this Saturday the 24th is the Delmar Homecoming day parade at 11Am

and today is, of course, the back to the future return day
Yesterday a small pit bull was running loose thru everyone's yard in my neighborhood.  He was dragging a leash and behind the dog strolling along on the side walk were two colored boys watching him run.  What you say the description "colored boys" is politically incorrect? well it was better than the word I was going to use to describe them.  anyway I told them to get their dog under control and they told me the dog was under control so I assume that means watching him run thru everyone yard was controlling him.  I called the Delmar police, don't know if anything was ever done about it.  I don't know what it is about colored people and pit bulls, the dog seem to the dog of choice for them.  Like any dog if it is loved and treated right most will not be aggressive but this dog running loose while the assholes watched him will be nothing but trouble. 
Speaking of colored people and pit bulls, one of the people my wife and I both dislike is Michael Vicks and his dog fighting ring.  he seems to be another stereotype, colored guy fighting dogs and people think he is great because he plays a kid's game of football.   Why any football team would hire him is beyond us.  
I have been doing some research into some of the homes on the Maryland side of town this week and in looking at them I must say some are really decorating for Halloween. 

I went to the Delmarva Coon Hunters association 38th annual mule show last Sunday.  I always enjoy it.  I didn't stay that long as my feet got cold.  Bryan and Brittingham is one of the supporters of the show.

The mule above was Molly.

The mule above I think was named Mabel

I think this little mule was named Ringo and Ringo was one of the better trained mules that I watched.

They always have a nice assortment of venders.  I gave their oyster sandwich another try, it was better than the one I had a couple of years ago.  I like the fact they use plain sliced white bread to put it on, so many have gone to a hamburger bun and it just doesn't taste as good on a bun. 

Dan Bullock served as an Infantry Marine and is commonly known as the youngest American service member to die in the Vietnam War at the age of 15.  He was KIA on June 6th, 1969.

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