Sunday, November 29, 2015

Some Sunday Comments

a lot of events are coming up next weekend including the Delmar Christmas Parade December 5th at 2 pm. You can still be part of  the parade; applications are accepted up till December 2nd.  Go to the Greater Delmar chamber of commerce website for information including parade route.

The Mardela Springs Heritage Christmas Tour

There will be Tour at Christmas Time of the Barren Creek Village, on the first Sunday, December 6. 2015 from 4 pm to 7 pm.  This includes the Adkins Historical and Museum Complex plus the Westside Historical Society Museum.  It will also include the old Church.  There will be a shuttle around the town which will stop at the many places to see.  There will be food for sale at the Mardela Springs Volunteer Fire Co. along with many vendors who will have their crafts on sale.  There will be musical entertainment many places through out the town.  Also, do not forget to stop and meet Santa Claus.  Look forward to seeing there. Start at the Mardela Volunteer Fire Company.

The Mardela Springs  Christmas Tour is usually great and I recommend it.

Really I have nothing for comments today so I will just post  a few photos etc I like

Notice the dog is not giving up his spot

Let me mention the Randie Hovatter blog that is located here
She is from Delmar and is working and  living her dream as artisan and paying into the social security fund God Bless those young people who have found jobs and are keeping social security alive so I can do nothing.

The season has started .

On my list is a whiskey still from amazon for $240.  Whiskey has made a big comeback in the last couple of years.  It seem to be the thing to drink, even rye whiskey.  A lot of the whiskeys have crap added to them like honey or cinnamon but there are some decent new whiskey out there that even in my bottom shelve selection are good.

assembling the Sears Roebuck catalog - back when Americans had jobs that did not require a college degree

I had a slight flashback yesterday when I remembered how my father use to like to send in names to the Name a racehorse contest, Kentucky Club brand smoking tobacco use to run in the 1950's.  If your name for the horse was picked you won the horse. plus two tickets to the Kentucky derby and all expense paid trip to Louisville for four days.  Needless to say dad never won.  The contest ran every year from 1954 to 1964.  Over a million names (entries) were sent in in a year's time.  More on this is at

A couple bits on fish;  There is a word (verb); cornobble which means to beat some one with a fish.  I am sure it is a useful word, someway.

For those who buy Salted Cod, you always soak the cod in fresh water to remove the salt, frequently changing the water.  I have heard some people like to place the salted cod in the water tank of the toilet so every time the toilet is flushed, fresh water will be put in the tank to soak the cod in.  Obviously if you have many women in the house the process must go rather quickly.

I am spending to much time on facebook that great media spot for selfies, kittens, puppies and ducks, but if you have cupcake papers and baby ducks you can make dresses for them - how cute

yes another Christmas of anti Christian modifications

Each election is different and in the past four or so we have seen an increased use of social media.  A person running for office must have someone on the staff now days who know how to use social media.  This upcoming elections seems to be on of political memes.

Carl L Norden company developed the Norden Bombsight. This device was revolutionary, and in tests proved to be accurate to within 75 feet, something totally unheard of in the day. The Norden Bombsight consisted of three main components: there was an analogue computer that plotted the bombs potential trajectory based on flight conditions, a link to the planes autopilot system that provided environmental information relating to wind speed and direction and a set of crosshairs that allowed the bomber to sight the target.

Of the three, oddly enough, the crosshairs proved to be the most difficult to perfect. The army required a material that would withstand huge fluctuations in temperature as well as the rigours of being mounted in a 1940’s aeroplane. The army eventually discovered that human hair was best suited to the job, but the hair had to be blond, long, and needed to never have been treated with chemicals or heated with a hot brush.

one woman met all the criteria, and so it was that Mary Babnik Brown became the woman who was to supply the crosshairs for the Norden bombsights. Mary’s hair was blond, some 34 inches long and had never been cut or treated by chemicals in any form. Mary washed her hair twice a week with “pure soap” and brushed her hair twice a day.

In 1944 Brown was the first woman to have her hair used for military aircraft bombsights. She saw an advertisement in a Pueblo newspaper in 1943 that said the government was looking for hair from women for the war effort, although no details were given as to how it would be used. The ad said only that they wanted blonde hair that was at least 22 inches long, and which had not been treated with chemicals or hot irons. The women’s hair collection for use as bombsight crosshairs was a clandestine operation even though they found the hair through a newspaper advertisement.

The government purchasing agent at the Washington Institute of Technology told her that her hair would be used for meteorological instruments. She sent off samples, and they concluded that it would be appropriate for the crosshairs. Brown agreed in 1944 to have it cut. The government offered to pay her for it in war savings stamps, but she refused, seeing it as her duty to help in the war effort. She ended up feeling traumatized by the loss of it, and cried for two months afterwards.

She only found out what her hair had been used for during the war in 1987 when President Ronald Reagan wrote her a letter of thanks on her 80th birthday

above from war history on-line


swampcritter2 said...

Very nice background story on the Norden bombsight Howard. I wouldn't mind informing your readers that if after reading this post, you have found that you need a an actual Norden bombsight in your life or in your man cave, you can purchase one from a guy in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. His name is Dave Henderson and his business is called Henderson Enterprises. Dave is a Vietnam vet and a shooter and gunsmith. His gunsmithing is truly beautiful. I have seen his work and purchased from him and can attest to it. I don't know the story behind it but somehow or other Dave acquired a large quantity of Norden bombsights. He very likely has the largest inventory of these in the entire U.S.A. He has sold over 200 of these at fairly reasonable prices. The only reason I haven't bought one from him is that right now I don't have a plane (let's say a B-17 or B-29) that will work with this bombsight. I am working on it however. Dave is also one of the nicest guys will ever meet, so give him a shout about the bombsight or any of the other toys he has. He sells parachutes too.

Howard said...

200 norden bombsights - amazing, any idea how much one costs?

swampcritter2 said...

The last I heard (2013 prices) a Norden bombsight could be yours for the modest sum of $2500.

Randie Hovatter said...

Thanks for the shout-out Mr. Howard. I recently uploaded my dad's class photo from Delmar Elementary, 1964. Think you can pick out any other familiar faces? Or maybe your readers will see someone they know. Here is the link: