Sunday, November 08, 2015

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning coffee

I dislike the "new" time,  It seems like by the time I am up and straighten away it is the afternoon.

Even my Christmas cactus is rushing Christmas by blooming now.

Our daughter's cat developed an open wound on his foot.  She was not satisfied with the diagnosis the vets around Elliott city came up with so she bought the cat back here to Pet Medical and they gave her more encouragement on the sore.  It has too be cleaned and re-bandaged every other day for a couple weeks but it will get better.  An interesting thing they did in cleaning it is to apply sugar to the wound.  In looking it up on the internet it says; When sugar is packed in a wound, it creates a highly concentrated medium where bacteria cannot survive. Sugar also reduces swelling, encourages the removal of dead tissue, and promotes the formation of connective tissue and new blood vessels. The net result of using sugar on wounds is rapid healing with minimal scarring.

It is a great thing that Perdue Agribusiness is going to build in the town limits of Delmar.  Maybe the tax rate will come down for all of us. 

Sunday brunch with an audience

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