Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Pathetic Delmar Maryland Election

The apathy of Delmar voters continue as demonstrated in the Delmar Maryland election yesterday.  First, there was not enough interest to fill all the open slots of elected positions, Second only 41 people out of 1,730 register voters bothered to vote, a little over 2% of voters or put another way each person that voted, voted for 42 people.  I could go on and on  about this but there just seem to no point in it. 

The results; Karen Wells was returned as Mayor.  Lloyd Unsell was returned as a commissioner, he is from Woodcreek.  No one filed for the other commissioner position so write-ins were accepted.  Wayne Knapp from Woodcreek received 22 write-ins and Chris Morgan received 14 write-ins.  Once it is proven Wayne Knapp is qualified and he accepts, he will be a Delmar commissioner in the December 14th swear-in.

Again I will say if you have a solid block of 50 voters you can control the outcome of any election in Delmar Maryland or Delaware and in turn you can control either of the two towns.  This would be an interesting objective for the Muslims or any religious group.

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