Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Comments

Tomorrow in Delmar is the Artisan fair.  Hand made items food etc will be available

I went to the Delmar Delaware Council meeting last Monday to listen to the first reading to release the annexed land Perdue is buying.  They say it is because the original paperwork specified a number of things that were related to a casino and it was best to remove them for simply an office building.  I understand Perdue has purchased the land.  The land will still be within the town limits.

There is some talk of a homeless shelter for veterans being made at a residence on Grove St. in Delmar.  It may be the best use for the property as the noise made by trains, racetracks and fire whistles certainly is a problem when you try to sell a house in this area.  I am not sure what effect noise will have on veterans.  I also don't know how anyone is going to verify they are veterans or just run of the mill homeless people.  It could be by calling it a homeless veteran home it is just gathering sympathy for something it won't be.


A photo from the past.  In the 1960's this is Doyle Lovett entering Ruark's store on Snow Hill Road.  As I recall Ruarks was about where the bypass and Rt12  intersect.

I finally mailed some Christmas cards which called for buying stamps as I was paying the price for them I mentioned I could recall only paying two cents a stamp at one time - he just looked at me as tho he had heard there about five times a day.  

I had always thought these personal drones people are playing with would be a pain in the ass at some point in time.  Now someone has mounted a flamethrower on one.  the person had previous mounted a firearm on one.   
Interestingly the Bureau of alcohol Tobacco and firearms (BATF) has determined that flame projectors are not firearms. They are somewhat like airguns, but there is no specific license requirements to own, transport or use a flame projector.  Since they have use in agriculture the feds don not regulate them. 

in the 1970's when flying was still enjoyable 


"Come, spouse of Christ." Used during the profession of nuns in the Catholic church 

The tumblr site "Cold hands warm heart" is a very enjoyable site for Christmas, winter, and autumn photographs  it is located here
there are of course a ton of other tumblr sites but I favor that one 

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