Sunday, December 06, 2015

Sunday Comments

Sunday Morning always a great peaceful time

There is a Delmar Delaware council meeting tomorrow night.  Two interesting things; first the audit report on the town and the second is the 17 acres that I think Perdue is going to build on. 

It looks like the town may be removing it from the town limits which means we will lose the taxes paid on the land or perhaps I misunderstand what is written on the agenda.  Why would they do that?

The land in question is the gray area above the words meadow Branch which happens to 17 acres.

Another shooting.  Again Obama refuses to say Islam or Muslim instead he is back on gun control.

 Remarkable to me that 600 people were in the building and no one had a gun to defend themselves - that gun control for you. 

We know how well outlawing drugs have worked, and outlawing any firearm isn't going to work,  and yesterday we celebrated another foolish law that was repealed called prohibition. 

and in the Sussex Guide 17 more people listed a legal notice that they were going to file an application to carry a concealed deadly weapon

I recently bought a bottle of wine from “How Sweet It Is.”  They have quite a selection now – for a produce stand.  I like sweet red wine and I refuse to pay over $10 a bottle for it actually more along the lines of $5, anyway this wine is a South African wine, called “Natural Sweet Red” by Robertson Winery at $9 a bottle (750ml).  It is a good wine sweet, no aftertaste like some red wines gives.  I would buy it again.  The one draw back is it come in a short (10")squat lightbulb shape bottle which may not fit on your wine rack, however it may fit well upright on your cupboard shelve.. It can also be purchased at the Wicomico County liquor outlets at about $8 a bottle.

Sunday Supper

If you live or lived in Northern Europe besides the dangers of being shot by Muslims, you would have put your shoes outside last night to find them filled with chocolate candy by St Nicholas this morning.  If you were bad his sidekick Black Peter (Politically Incorrect) would fill them with coal.  Speaking of politically incorrect  when looking for a photo to go with this bit of information I put in Bing the search term "Chocolate in shoe December 6th"  one result was a black guy putting on shoe. 

an interesting website is Think squad  covers a range of politically correct topics

White Privilege

A Sikkimese woman carrying a British man on her back, West Bengal, India, c. 1900
We all know service in retail stores generally suck and those of us who are old, we can remember when people knew what they were doing when they waited on you.  I wear a hat - not a baseball cap - an actual hat.  When I go to a department store to look and try on hats for some reason they never have a mirror in the hat area to see how it looks on you.  even the sunglass racks have mirrors - but for some reason the hat area doesn't and the shoe area and the  tie area doesn't. 
When I first married I would go shopping with my wife - definitely young and dumb - I caught on and dropped doing that but when she would go to Benjamins for a dress, she would try it on in a dressing room - an actual room not a stall.  The room had a number of mirrors and saleswomen from the different departments - underwear, jewelry, hats, shoes, coats etc would drift in with items that would match the dress.  They knew what they were doing.
It use to be when you went to the men's department the clerk would have a cloth tape measure draped around his neck and would measure your arm length or neck size or inseam for what ever piece of clothing you were looking for.  Forget it, most clerks don't even know what a cloth measuring tape.   




Ray Wisniewski said...

Howard, that land that will be bought by Perdue on north bound 13, you know who the cemetery belongs to that sits back in that field close to the seventeen acres that are for sale?

Howard said...

No I do not