Sunday, December 27, 2015

Sunday Comments

Christmas in Delmar

Downtown Delmar on Saturday December 26th.
The downtown area this year was pretty dismal as there were no Christmas decorations at all.  Last year there was evergreen trimming and bows but none this year.

I, my wife and daughters went to Vienna, Maryland prior to Christmas for the luminaries and tour of Vienna.  This event always amazes me.  Not only the sight of the whole town being marked out by 1,500 plus luminaries but the idea of that much town spirit to volunteer to make them and set them out.  The wind was low this year so we missed the excitement of luminaries blowing over and setting themselves on fire.  I understand the event is sponsored by the Vienna heritage Foundation with assistance from the Chicone Ruritan.  Big Thumbs Up to Vienna for their luminaries and house tours.

For the last ten days or so we have had unseasonal warm weather and rain.  Several basements are flooded in Delmar from the rain.   Our house has been uncomfortable sleeping at night due to the warm weather.  We had to break down and turn the air conditioning on for a couple of nights. 

Work is proceeding at the State Line Plaza on what I understand is a new pharmacy in Delmar.

 This week in The Guide; 47 legal notices for Delaware Sussex county applications for license to carry a concealed deadly weapon appeared.
In a seasonal time noted for it’s Christian charity and on a Sunday, I am faced with a potential homeless veteran shelter coming to Delmar.   I wrote some about this before in this blog when they appeared at the Planning and Zoning commission.  And for those who do not go to meetings, the October Mayor and Council meeting minutes are here Should you want to read what they first said at the council meeting

Again I still want to hear more about it, but at this moment I am against it.  Is there anything at the moment more politically incorrect then to be against homeless veterans?  No great surprise there as I seem to be the only one in Delmar who is willing to come forth and speak against something, and at times the only one who will get off his ass and attend a council meeting.

My summary of the Homeless Veteran shelter is the non-profit group wants to put from 1 to 5 homeless veterans, selected by the VA Administration, in a house on Grove Street for a period from 1 to 60 days.

The Veteran Affairs administration defines someone as a veteran who has been discharged from active military service under other than dishonorable conditions.    So someone like me would qualify as a veteran, with my one enlistment fifty years ago.
I simply am not interested in having a transit shelter in my neighborhood.  I would not go for a half way house, a tourist house, bed and breakfast etc.  The zoning code was set up to stop those kinds of establishments from being in a residential neighborhood.

Homeless veterans are no different from other homeless people.  Most have problems; either mental or substance abuse issues.  Even at the Planning and Zoning meeting the non-profit group talked about a guy or was cooking  meth in his house and caught the house on fire, becoming homeless, and because he had served an enlistment in the military, became a homeless veteran and was put in one of their homes.  Why would I invite such trash into my neighborhood?  Simply put; a bum is a bum regardless rather they served in the military. 
If you want to help a veteran give them a job and those who want to help themselves will have a way to do so.  All those previous administrations and present administration that sent blue collar jobs overseas giving veterans no job to enter into after being discharged created this problem. Vote for Donald Trump who will kick 11 million illegal immigrants out of this country, allowing 11 million jobs to open up that are currently being held by them. 



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