Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Tuesday Delmar Photographs

A little worn, much like Delmar

Just a few more days until they return to school.  Notice the school is so politically correct they refuse to acknowledge the real reason for "winter" break which is Christmas .  pathetic - maybe Christians should withhold paying the school tax and let that large non-Christian population in Delmar foot the bill.

They have removed the sidewalk on the south side of the proposed drug store at Stateline Plaza.  as I recall they wanted a drive thru pickup on that side of the building. 

New spec construction across the street from the school.  I am sure they will like advertising across from the school and only a few block from a homeless shelter.

below is the land Perdue has bought.  Nothing is happening but a few stakes with orange ribbon on them on the Old stage Road side of the land
I heard they may be looking at having the entrance on Old Stage Road.  Should add another 100 cars a day hitting the Rt54 and RT13 intersection. 

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Ray Wisniewski said...

The entrance for the Perdue land on Stage Road sounds like a better idea, we have plenty of traffic on 13 now. Most days it takes us around 15-20 minutes to get out from our property which is next door. And during the summer season even longer.