Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A Birth Certificate For a Princess

Pretty basic stuff even for a Princess
Still how many people have a father and Mother whose occupation is Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom.

Monday, May 04, 2015

At Least Someone Remembered their Shakespeare

as if the starwar takeoff was not bad enough

Forgotten, lost, confused

With VE day coming up on the 8th here is an interesting story about Germans troops who were forgotten after the surrender.   Or as an article from Berliner Morgenpost, (March 20, 2005) put it;   "Vergessen, verloren, verwirrt" ("Forgotten, lost, confused", in German ).  Three words that are often applied to myself.

Operation Haudegen (swashbuckler)  was a top secret Nazi operation, meant to establish a meteorological station on Svalbard, in Norway. The team was transported to the area via a submarine known as the  U-307 and the supply ship Carl J. Busch in September 1944 and their mission was to carry out a survey of the North Atlantic weather patterns.

Due to the secrecy of their mission, when World War II ended, they were sort of forgotten on the island and they lost contact with the Germans. They had to persevere the harsh climate of the Arctic Circle for one more year until September 1945 when the Norwegians received a distressed call, and sent out their seal hunting ship to go and check what was in the island. The German team surrendered to the Norwegian crew, and this made them the last German troop to surrender, during WW2.
The remains of the outpost in August of 1985

Another Starwar Takeoff