Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Comments

For my morning walk I walked a short distant on the railroad tracks

I thought as I walked along how when I was young I didn't consider any of the dangers around me that could harm me.  At that time I had all kinds of years left.  Now since I am old I am constantly thinking if I am putting myself in harms way.  At 71 I can count on both hands (hopefully) the years I have left and now I am worried about harm coming my way.  It is a bit late to worry.  Actually the harm seems to coming my way from my government which is dropping any pretense at morals or a standard.

Between the Delaware State Fair, Pony Penning and the United States Specialty Sports Association's World Series (USSSA) going on in Salisbury and around the area, there is not a motel room to be had.  A few people, who have friends and relatives coming into the area for family get-to-gathers have told me those people are camping out with family relatives this week and next as there are no motel rooms.   It is a great money maker for the area.

At night when sick folk wakeful lie,
I heard the dead coach passing by,
and heard it passing wild and fleet,
and knew my time was come not yet.

Click-clack, click-clack, the hoofs went past,
who takes the dead coach travels fast,
on and away through the wild night,
the dead must rest ere morning light.

If one might follow on its track
the coach and horses, midnight black,
within should sit a shape of doom
that beckons one and all to come.

God pity them to-night who wait
to hear the dead coach at their gate,
and him who hears, though sense be dim,
the mournful dead coach stop for him.

He shall go down with a still face,
and mount the steps and take his place,
the door be shut, the order said!
How fast the pace is with the dead!

Click-clack, click-clack, the hour is chill,
the dead coach climbs the distant hill.
Now, God, the Father of us all,
wipe Thou the widow’s tears that fall!

The Dead Coach” by Katharine Tynan Hinkson (1861-1931)

The Delaware side of town has tax bills being sent out and they should hit us next week.

The Delmar water tower had work being done on it and inside of it.

The people doing it looked like they had been in a furnace the way the sweat was poring off them.

The painters finished up on the "Doctor's office" with a green trim
It looks good.  Some of that Democrat government money helped do it. 

My Phlox is in bloom and the bees love it.

The flea market in Laurel was busy today. 

A used furniture store has opened up at the flea market on the outside but under the covered section.  It is well packed . 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Pitfall That Entombed

From "The  Southern Poultry Guide or Forty Years With Poultry by A Plain Practical Poultryman" Cal Husselman  1908

Illegal immigration - Why Make The Law If You Don't Enforce It?

Since President Obama has been in office about 2.5 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States.  Hillary Clinton said she would do Obama one better and work toward giving illegal immigrants full and equal citizenship.  There are about 11 million illegal immigrants in the United State.  There are many areas the illegals influence, one of them is the reapportionment of House of representatives seats.  Since 1911 there has been 435 voting members,  The house voted for this number to remained fixed.  Every ten years when the census is made the reapportionment of seats in each state change.  Some states gain additional representatives due to increased population and when one state gains another state has to lose a representative.  Since the number of representatives in a state is determined by population and the illegals are counted in the census there are three states (California, Texas, and Florida)  that have gained representatives to the determent of New York, Pennsylvania and Illinois.

and is that one reason for "Sanctuary Cities", where illegals can gather creating a population boom and more representatives in congress so the cities can influence voting for more pork to come their way?

In 2010 each member of the U. S. House of representatives represented an average population of 710,767.

In states with high illegal immigrants, who are not allowed to vote, only about 60,000 votes are required to elect a representative.  In low illegal immigrants states it take about 101,000 votes to win an election. The effect is states with more voting power will get bills passed that normally the rest of the country would not vote for.  Also the representatives from those states only represent about 60% of the population in their district, since the other 40% are illegals and have no legal say in matters. 

But Delawareans can have no fear, our one representative has been 'one' since the beginning of the United States.  With our estimated population of 935,614 in 2014 of which about 30,000 are illegals we are not apt to add another representative anytime soon. Altho Markell would like to see us a Sanctuary State so illegals would flock in and the population will show an increase I don't see Delaware getting another representative out of the deal. 


Democrat Rule

Watermelon Time

Workers loading watermelons west of Laurel

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Monday Walk

Things are heating up
It is hot out.  I took my walk about 6 AM and it was already in the high 70's. 
At that hour nothing was moving except me and I was going real slow

we have had power interruptions all day.

7220 and 7225 were in town this morning. Both are SD80's

Just a good day to stay in the air conditioning and drink.

The Miller Hastings Family reunion is August 8th at St. George's Church hall

warrior cat walk by Noguchi Tetsuya  Kyoto exhibition - Japan - 2014  Samurai Surrealism

so what is up with Woodcreek? I drove thru it last week and a third of the street lights that had the ball globes are missing the globe.

So What Was The Point?

From CBS Baltimore

ODENTON, Md. (WJZ) — A sad turn for hundreds of chickens and roosters confiscated by Anne Arundel County police as part of an investigation into illegal cockfighting.
Derek Valcourt explains what’s happened to the birds and why.
Rescuers were hoping to find the birds new, happy homes. Sadly, all of them had to be euthanized.
In all, 270 roosters and hens were found alive on the Odenton property in early June–many tethered to leashes or found in cages. Some were just days old.
Police were led there by a tip that Ethan Harmon was breeding the birds to sell for use in illegal cockfights.
As seen in under cover video, that’s when two roosters fight to the death as spectators gamble on the winner.
Now, one month later, the Maryland Department of Agriculture orders all 270 of those birds destroyed after testing found all had two serious viruses and bacterial infections.
“Essentially, every one of those is highly infectious and contagious,” said Falls Road Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Danielle Anthony.
Dr. Anthony specializes in birds and agrees destroying the entire flock is the best way to contain these incurable viruses.


Some Vehicle Puns


Iowa - On The Road

From NPR On The Road
Iowa is crawling with reporters this time of year. But only the lucky ones are riding bikes.
It’s a tradition that began more than four decades ago, shortly before Jimmy Carter turned the Iowa Caucuses into the starting line of the presidential race. Clever columnists from the Des Moines Register hatched the idea for a bike ride that would span the width of their state. Since then, the Register’s Annual Great Bike Across Iowa–or RAGBRAI–has grown into the oldest, largest, and longest bike tour in the country.
Thousands of riders will make the trip this year, covering 462 miles from Sioux City in the west to Davenport in the east. Along the way, they’ll climb nearly 16,000 feet (Who says Iowa is flat?) fueled by pork chops, sweet corn, and homemade pie, cheerfully served up in church basements and high school gyms all along the way.
It’s a big slice–a la mode–of summer in the nation’s heartland. And the No Pie Refused (NPR) cycling team wants you to come along.
Your guides on this two-wheeled adventure are NPR White House Correspondents Tamara Keith and Scott Horsley, Science Correspondent Joe Palca, and Business Editor Les Cook.
You won’t find any poll numbers here. And any candidate sightings will be purely accidental. But if you want to see some beautiful Iowa countryside, friendly people, and one of the quirkiest rolling fiestas you’ve ever witnessed, strap on your digital bike helmet and come along.
There is a team of NPR reporters and editors cycling through Iowa for RAGBRAI. Catch up on the No Pie Refused crew’s adventures by following NPR On The Road-Emily

There is also an interesting tumblr about towns in Iowa called Forgotten Iowa in which they try to visit and photo 947 towns in Iowa the url is

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Viktor Lyster Photography

I spend entirely to much time looking at photographs on tumblr, I will say for excellent photographs Viktor Lyster Photography has some of the best. Viktor Lyster is a 23 year old economics student currently situated in Göteborg, Sweden, so the majority of his picture are in Sweden.


Hell is empty and all the devils are here  - William Shakespeare

Hell is empty and all the devils are here  - William Shakespeare
Hell is empty and all the devils are here  - William Shakespeare