Saturday, August 15, 2015


High School Principal Ad

I noticed over on  there is a listing for a High School Principal at Delmar High school.  I thought they had settled that matter.  Maybe it is just a screw up.

Friday, August 14, 2015

He Does Have A Point

A Monthly Check For Doing nothing For the Rest Of Your life

On August 14, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act.

Elbert Collins

The Delmar Little Free Library

The Delmar Little Free Library is at Gordy park.  It was done in 2014 as an Eagle Scout project by Douglas E. Buck, troop 176, for the Wicomico County Library.  If you want a book you just take it.  If you want to leave a book drop one off.  Don't use it as a dumping grounds.

Everybody Has Got To Bitch About Something

About bindis
Some people may not realize the real significance of bindis. They’re not just random dots on foreheads that are put there for purely aesthetic pleasure. Here’s why they’re not fashion accessories, but actual cultural and religious symbols (at least in my experience):
- They can tell what sort of Hindu you are.
- They can tell what god(s) you primarily worship.
- They tell what caste you are (sort of outdated but still relevant)
- They can indicate wealth and social status, or your place when it comes to people around you.
They can show if you’re a child, if you’ve come of age, if you’re newly married, if you’ve been married for a long time, if you’re a widow, if you’re a widower, if you’ve had a divorce, if you have children, etc.
- They can show if you’re celebrating a religious festival, and if so, which one, or which god it is in honor of.
- They can indicate information about your occupation, such as if you’re in a higher or lower position, or what your occupation is. This is sometimes related to wealth and caste.
- They can be either for casual or formal events, but they are never trivial; when an Indian puts on a bindi, there is almost always a good reason for it, depending on what they’re doing, but they’re never taken lightly.
- They can be beautiful when worn in the correct contexts. And in the correct contexts, they’re seen as necessary for completing an outfit.
- For some people, a bindi is as necessary as a wedding ring or even clothing might be to others. Some people feel naked without a bindi. Some people are seen as naked without a bindi.
- They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and numbers, and each is used differently depending on the situation and the people involved.
- They are seen by many as necessary for faith; the gods have touched them, have blessed them, are with them and/or they’re showing their respect for the gods.
So far this is what I’ve gathered in my experiences as an Indian. This is off the top of my head. Feel free to correct me if I’ve been mistaken, or to add your own experiences.
It angers and saddens me to see bindis so trivialized and used as fashion accessories, both by white people and other poc. It frustrates me because they don’t really seem to get how important bindis are, and how much they actually tell you about a person or group of people. Don’t mock our culture or erase the heritage and reasoning behind bindis.


Why You Should Be Nice To Young People - Reason #7

They know about computers and cell phones.  After a cat ran across the Keyboard and put the computer in "Airplane" mode (what ever the hell that is) the internet connection was lost.  Happily we have a person under 30 who lives next door and who came to our rescue by pressing the right button after we had farted around it for three hours.



The Clintons

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Concealed Weapons Permits

Like a large number of people I skim through the Sussex Guide. The number of legal announcements of people who will be filing with the Prothonotary to carry a concealed weapon in Delaware over the last two years has increased by a thousand fold.  That is the faith Sussex county people have in their safety since that racist President Obama has taken office.  This week's issue has 31 people posting their "To whom It May concern" notice.

Buy Local


Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Smoking truck

I couldn't help but notice this truck pulled over in Delmar on Bi-State Blvd with smoking pouring off it this morning.  I assume it is, maybe, a stuck brake. 

The David Allan Coe Concert On Aug 14th

Coming to Delmar at the Amphitheater at Heron Pond is David Allen Coe on Friday August 14th.  The amphitheater facebook page is

We will see if Doug Marshalls luck holds and a downpour of rain will also arrive Friday night.

Walls To keep You on The Path

These are new walls and walkway across the ditch at Gordy park/Skateboard area.  I think they were put there to stop children and drunks from falling into the ditch which has a lot of water in it.  However the tops of the walls are flat which just invites you to rest your beer can here and leave it.  I also think kids will sit on these flat top walls and fall in the ditch anyway.  A triangle roof type top would have been a better choice for the top of the walls as people could not sit cans and kids on it.  They also just scream out spray paint me with graffiti.

Speak Up

A Squirrel Chair

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Delmar Historical and Arts Society will meet this Thursday

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society will meet this Thursday at 7 pm at Peddlers Four on Pennsylvania Ave.

Flashback to 1962

Back in 1962 this country still had gas wars.  I have not heard of a gas war in quite a long time but at one time gas stations (not a convenience store that sell gas) would be in competition with one another if they were at the same intersection in order to attract customers.  In 1962 the normal 32 cents a gallon might go as low as 20 cents, 19 cents maybe even 16 cents a gallon (found that price in Missouri on my way out to Arizona).  So for a dollar you could get two gallons of gas, take your girlfriend to that new fast food restaurant called McDonalds and pick up two cheeseburgers, two orders of fries and two sodas and still have a couple of pennies left over from your dollar. 

Ballet Feet

House For Sale 101 E. Jewell Street

The house across from me is still being built but they have a for sale sign out front of it.

It is listed for $200,000. 
the real estate blurb is

Here it is! The chance to own a 4 bedroom, 2 bath new construction in the highly desirable Delmar School District. At 2,200 sq. ft. with an additional 556 sq. ft. of floored 3 story space, this is a deal at 90 per sq. ft. Bamboo floors in the family room, breakfast, and kitchen accent the flowing open concept. First floor master bedroom with walk-in closet, master bath with ceramic floors, and a attached rear deck. Construction to be complete mid to late September. Call today for more detail

NS 5302 A Busy Train

Norfolk Southern 5302 has just been a pain in the ass this morning.  It must have made 10 trips back and forth thru Delmar. 

Previous Delmar Police Chief Dies

Jackie Ford, a previous Delmar Police officer and Chief of police, passed a way on August 9th.  He lived in Crisfield at the time.  A memorial service will be held on Wednesday (August 12th) at 2 pm at Bradshaw and Son Funeral Home in Crisfield. To see his obituary go to


Sunday, August 09, 2015

It Has Been A Fat Week For Me

Wow I think I have spent the week Eating and Drinking.  From my birthday, to my daughter spending a few days home with us, to the annual Miller Hastings Family Reunion (the 31st) it has been a constant round of food.

we had dinner one night at the Crusty Crab in Greenbackville, Virgina always a good meal

and the 31st Miller Hastings family reunion occurred on Saturday and you know there is always food at a reunion. 

After the reunion my wife and daughters had crabs, beer, clams, corn, and shrimp for dinner

So it sounds like come Monday it is back on a diet

Tomorrow Night The Delmar Maryland Commissioners Meet

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