Monday, August 24, 2015

You set em up and I'll knock em back, Lloyd

An exasperating late afternoon taking my mother to her Doctor's visit. At times taking her to the doctor you just wish you could go into a drug induced coma.  Complaining the whole time about not wanting to go, etc. it is a struggle some days.  My brother and I do believe in family and as such we share the chores that have to be done for our mother. 

I find it hard to believe when I listen to other people talking about their aging parent(s) how they let their sister handle the responsibilities or because they don't live in their parents geographic area anymore they just let other neighbors or cousins do the job they should be home doing.  They have even said when they go "home" for vacation (maybe 3 days out of the year, the other two weeks are for them to vacation elsewhere) they spend their time visiting other people instead of trying to arrange things for their parent.   Man up people! you may become an alcoholic from doing it but they are your parents and your responsibility.

Another's Husband's Comment - not me Dear

Pansy Ass Politicians

The Inconsistencies Of Under Age Male Rape Sentencing

Molly Shattuck was sentenced in Delaware this past week for having “raped” a 15-year old boy in Bethany Beach.  The “rape” consisted of a blow job.  She should have used President Clinton’s defense that it was not technically “sex”, but she did just as well by hiring a well paid lawyer.   Molly Shattuck is described in the newspaper, as an ex-raven cheerleader and socialite. Superior Court Judge Scott Bradley sentenced Shattuck to two years of level 3 probation, $10,650 in restitution and she must spend weekends in jail for 48 weekends.

GIVE ME A "B",GIVE ME AN "L",  GIVE ME AN "O".................. 

Normally if a man was to commit such a thing on an underage girl he would be in jail for a number of years.  However Delaware favors well paid lawyers and if you have one he/she will get you off, such as in the above case, or the case of Robert Richards the 4th (unemployed heir living off his DuPont trust fund) who raped his infant son and three year old daughter. The judge said he would not fare well in jail and  the charge was downgraded to 4th degree rape and he did no jail time and only had to go to a sex offender rehabilitation program.
Now let’s compare it to Tom and Nicole McGuire of Delmar.  Found guilty of sexually abusing a boy and a girl under 16 years of age and they received 15 years in jail.  Different state, different case, different lawyer, and was the deciding factor was that one of the abused people was an underage girl?  Had it just been the boy what would have been the sentence?

My favorite underage male abuse case in Delaware occurred in the apartment complex (Canterbury or Laverty Lane) north of the Bridgeville traffic light on Route 13. Every time I pass it I have to think back to 1994 when a Bridgeville woman named Shirley Cannon, at that time age 26, had 25 to 40 sexual encounters with boys between the age of 11 to 15. Since in Delaware anyone 16 and over is at the age of consent it is hard to say how many more were involved. She had parties at her apartment in which they would line up to enter her bedroom. She was charged with unlawful sexual intercourse in the third degree however using the double standard that; if it is young boys having sex with older women it isn’t as serious, the State of Delaware let her off by saying even though she was ten to 15 years older than the boys her mind had really only matured to that of a fifteen year old so it was not an older woman preying on young children. Let’s see a 26 year old man get away with that defense.
If it is rape - it is rape - for male or females, not just a sly wink and grin at the underage boy and a light sentence for the female abuser. 

Stock Market Dropping

Talk about the stock market dropping, I went in to check my wife's stock and it was like looking a flashing road sign the way the price of stock was dropping on her web page.  Her tobacco stock and her Conagra stock has dropped the most, but even the utilities has dropped.  So it like do you panic and sell and buy back in later? or what to do?  Certainly the prices will continue to drop for the rest of the day.

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