Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The M46 Rapid Railroad Destructor

Designed in the late 1940’s by the Army Corps of Engineers and Sperry Products Corporation, the M46 Rapid Railroad Destructor was a machine designed to destroy railways in order to deny enemy forces from using them in the case of a retreat. Built upon the chassis of an M46 Patton tank, the Rapid Railroad Destructor would first lift the railroad track into its maw with a winch.  Inside the device was a series of machines designed to totally destroy the railroad.  First, a set of six Browning .50 caliber machine guns loaded with armor piercing ammunition would shoot notches the rails so that it could evenly feed into the device.  Then the ties were smashed by a set of swinging hammers.  Finally the notched rails would be snapped into short sections by a set of rollers.  From the rear would be expelled a spray of woodchips and pieces of metal.  Incredibly, the M46 RRD could chew through rails at a rate of 6 miles per hour.
Only a few prototypes were produced, however the M46 RRD was rejected by the US Army.  The amount of .50 BMG ammunition needed to shoot notches in the rails was prohibitively expensive.  It was also determined that it would be easier and cheaper to use explosives.

Picked up from tank a lot

This Is Banned Book Week

B-26 Maraude

Hillary and Bill

Hump Day

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Work On The Norfolk Southern Crossing Lights at Connelly Mill Road



The Sanders Crowd

Today Is National Coffee Day

I Understand WaWa is giving away free coffee.

Remember Those Days

H2O International Car Show Ocean City

This weekend in Ocean City will be the 18th H2Oi car show  .  Coming in second to the Fireman Convention for general rudeness, hit and runs, and arrests, the H2O Car show is the one my daughter, who works for the Ocean City police, dreads the most.  The Cruisin OC event might place third in the lineup.  A good article on the car show and it's problems is at OC Today

Over at Club Roadster Forum for the event it looks like they are getting ready to party

The rest of the weekend including the thursday and friday is just cruising around with thousands of tuners, partying and getting wasted, and photo ops

Again it brings in money but at what costs to the taxpayers and safety of the residents?