Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Comments

The bombing by U. S. Forces of a Doctor Without Borders hospital in the Afghan city of Kunduz which left at least 22 people dead; may be the first time one Nobel Peace Prize winner, Barack Obama, has bombed another Nobel peace Prize winner, Doctors Without Borders.

I was by a Thrift Store, a week or so back, and came across this LP by John Travolta, who knew he recorded?  Obviously from his Vinnie Barbarino days on "Welcome Back. Kotter".  The interesting thing is the album has no name, other than John Travolta, so I guess he only did one.
Second World War B-17 Lower Gun Turret space

St. Stephen's Fall Festival is going on today.  Between the funeral happening today and the normal post office traffic a parking spot is at a premium.  Lots of yardsales and festivals today but not much people traffic happening.



Park Chowol;  Geisha in Kyoto 3 - Kyoto, Japan - 2013

 Amick farms Feed Mill, just north of Delmar Town limits, are using the corn storage bags again this year.
and the corn price is; $3.88

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Coffee I need Coffee

Golden Gate Bridge opening day, 1937

Golden Gate Bridge opening day, 1937 no mass shootings.  No bombings.

Today Is Global Hand Washing Day

Yes Today October 15th is Global Hand Washing Day
On October 15, millions of people worldwide are acknowledging the significant value of hand washing with soap by participating in Global Handwashing Day.    
Established by the Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing (PPPHW), this celebration focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of the importance of hand washing with soap while emphasizing how this simple action is an effective and affordable way to counteract diseases and ultimately save lives across the globe.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Upcoming Events and Random Thoughts

I watched the Democrat debate last night and listening to the news commentators this morning obviously I watched a different debate then they did.  I thought the old Jew Socialist Bernie Sanders lead the pack.  Senator Webb talked about the real problems that are going on now and the problem China will be and is now.  He did manage to shoot his self in the foot before it ended.  Hillary acted her usual conceited self and Bernie rescued her on the email problem.   The other two didn't seem to know they were in a debate.
Horse Riders were wandering around town yesterday.  When I was Councilman in 1984 the Town of Delmar still had an ordinance not permitting horses in town on Friday night.  It has since been removed

Halloween in Delmar is on October 31st after 6 pm done with at 8 Pm children 12 and under
Homecoming day and Parade is on October 24th at 11 AM

Guns and Knives you can never have too many.  In this weeks Sussex Guide there were 23 public announcements of people intending to file for a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon.

Willey Knives in Greenwood will have their fall open house on Saturday October 24th from 9 AM to 2 pm.  You can meet Lori Buck, owner of Buck knives.

October 17 and 18th a gun show at Nur temple in Wilmington De.  I have been to a couple of them there they are usually small but maybe this year it will be bigger.


Come little children, I’ll take thee away, into a land of enchantment.“ Hocus Pocus (1993)
Yes it is that time again for Halloween movies; Hocus Pocus certainly is one of the best, followed up by The Addams Family, and Beetlejuice, plus The Nightmare Before Christmas which you can watch all the way up to Christmas.


Job Opening: Manager, Eastern Shore Program

Future Harvest CASA is seeking a full-time, self-motivated, highly organized, tech-savvy, and visionary manager to build and operate our brand new Eastern Shore Program. 
About Us:
Since 1998, Future Harvest, Chesapeake Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture (FHCASA) has been providing education, networking, and advocacy to build a sustainable Chesapeake Foodshed from farm and fishery to table. One of its core programs is the Foodshed Field School, which offers peer-to-peer and expert-led education programming on growing and sourcing locally and sustainably produced food and fiber in the Chesapeake region. The school consists of our annual conference, year-long Beginner Farmer Training Program (BFTP), and about 20 farmer and consumer field education programs around the region.
FHCASA operates in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, and DC – but its programming is largely focused in central Maryland and around the Chesapeake Bay. Future Harvest CASA – Eastern Shore is our first office outside of central Maryland. It represents the organization’s goal to provide our education services to small- and mid-scale producers in this vital region of our mission area, and to step up supply and demand of locally and sustainably grown table food grown there.
About the Job:
In the first year, the manager will be laying the groundwork for FHCASA’s work on the Eastern Shore. This will involve:
•    assessing the region’s agricultural landscape -- who is growing what, and where and how
•    assessing production training and education needs of small- to mid-scale producers as well as buyers and individuals interested in sourcing more locally and sustainable grown food
•    learning from producers and other partners about obstacles to growing and selling locally, and in ways that protect land, water and build communities
•    developing a three-year strategic plan for our Eastern Shore work and designing and implementing training and education programs around the assessments, including an expansion of our year-long Beginner Farmer Training Program and starting a public discussion series about agriculture and land and water stewardship. Subsequent years’ work will follow this plan.

About You:
You are passionate about farming and on-farm education focused on practices that protect land and water, build communities, and provide a real living for producers. You work well in a virtual team, are tech-savvy, and know your way around the Eastern Shore food and farming community (in fact, you live on or are willing to relocate to the Eastern Shore). Finally, you are a tireless advocate for sustainable agriculture, but you’re also a pragmatist who can translate vision into doable project design and implementation and build strong relationships with partners and the farming community.
Required Qualifications: 
•    Minimum of two years’ work experience in food and farming systems and sustainable agriculture in the non-profit, government, or farming sectors; specific knowledge of the Eastern Shore food and farming community – is a big plus.
•    Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education, agriculture, or related field;
•    Demonstrated experience in needs assessments and project design and evaluation;
•    Training in small event planning key (the manager will be responsible for successful field event planning and execution, which involves relationship building over the phone and in person); marketing and communications experience a plus;
•    Experience with, and demonstrated ability in, easily working with diverse stakeholders in the regional food economy – from farmers and fishers to retailers, wholesalers, chefs, and consumers;
•    Demonstrated superlative organizational skills to plan and execute about field educational programs per year, which includes parts of the annual conference;
•    Demonstrated ability to work in a team, both internal and external, to create and strategically implement a vision for the Eastern Shore program, step-by-step;
•    Fundraising experience a plus;
•    Some exposure/experience with program evaluation via surveys, establishing metrics, and other analytical and evaluative systems;
•    Demonstrated ability to easily pick up and master a variety of online tools for promoting and running the program; we are a virtual team and want to automate systems to keep our overhead low. Important applications: Excel, Word, Drupal, event registrations. InDesign, Photoshop, plus graphic design and/or photography experience a plus;
•    Managing volunteers or staff a plus;
•    Demonstrated ability to use traditional and new online communications platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Experience with Drupal or other web content systems a plus;
•    A car for frequent travel, smartphone with unlimited data plan, laptop computer with adequate memory for InDesign and other large applications.
Submit résumé, two writing samples, and three references to Shannon Varley at Deadline: November 20, 2015. Salary $43,500, with a variable lump-sum end-of-year stipend to partially cover health insurance and other work-related costs.

The State of Delaware has two auctions going on
Open today Delaware surplus auction vehicles, Aluminum canoes, Oldtown canoes, Little Tike Plastic Play yard equipment

the other one is a really odd assortment of small items ranging from scooters and mini bikes to fishing equipment.

Sussex County Genealogical Society members come from all over Delaware and surrounding states. Meetings are held the third Saturday of each month at the Rehoboth Beach Public Library.

The next meeting will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. to discuss the orphan train which began in 1864 to populate the areas west of the East Coast to help with needed labor and other reasons. Visitors are welcome.

For more information, contact Bill Eubank at

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Comments

This must be the weekend for yard sales as they are up and down old RT 13 (Bi-State Blvd)

The first Delmar Artisan's Street Fair came off on Saturday.  It was small but had a steady stream of people wandering thru.

The Twitchy Smithy (Thomas Adkins) was there with a display of knives etc.  I have bought from him before, but he didn't have anything on the table that was in my price range. 
He also sharpen knives for about $2 a knife so with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up maybe it is time for you to break down and get those kitchen knives sharpened so you can carve the roast beast.  His phone number is 410-749-9369.  He is out at 31309 Dagsboro Rd Delmar MD.

The Bread lady from the Wilde Hare in Princess Anne was here.  I bought a couple loafs of bread and a cinnamon roll.  I buy a lot from Wal-Mart and Walmart requires their suppliers to cut cost each year.  Eventually all the cost cutting that can be done in packaging etc is done and they have to start going to reducing the quality of their product, including bread and cinnamon buns.  It was a great change to eat a cinnamon bun that had not been reduced in quality. Great tasting. and with a dollar cup of hot chocolate from another vender I was a happy person

These great Tee shirts were made by the Ladies at the Peddlers four.

They have them in their shop should you be interested in not waiting until the next Artisan street Fair in November.

and the Caboose was open and members of the Delmar Historical Society were on hand to talk about it.

I do not understand the school shootings.  When I went to school you never heard of such a thing and all the boys had pen knives in their pockets and some had hunting rifles in their cars that parked at the school.  I think some shootings they publicize on TV are just the outcome of arguments and have nothing to do with a mass shooting.  Certainly TV coverage seem to encourage this sort of thing. 

A Delmar Maryland Commissioner meeting is coming up tomorrow night.  Looking at it there may be a carnival coming to Delmar  Dreamland amusements

There is a slight change in color to the trees around Delmar as Autumn advances on.

The Trees around the Police station were cut down this week

A scenic shot of the sun setting over the Delmar Liquor Store
Above Russian Czar Jewelry
On Saturday October 17th from 10 AM to 4 PM The Edward H. Nabb Research Center at Salisbury University will hold a family history open house.  October is family history Month and the Nabb Center will have a full staff on hand to help and guide you in developing your family tree
On October 30th at 2 pm the Delmar Public Library at 38481 Sussex Highway will have  a
Delaware Humanities Forum program called Vietnam Mailbag.  The Speaker will be  Nancy E. Lynch

When American troops in Vietnam answered the call to correspond with a young reporter four decades ago, they could not have envisioned the enduring relevancy of their war letters or the rich legacy their words, photographs and memorabilia would leave to succeeding generations. Ms. Lynch discusses and reads selected war letters from her book, Vietnam Mailbag, Voices From the War: 1968-1972, based on her popular newspaper column, “Nancy’s Vietnam Mailbag.” She is accompanied by Vietnam veteran Rick Lovekin, a Huey helicopter door gunner, Cobra crew chief and frequent letter writer to Nancy, who shows slides from Vietnam set to 1960s music

The Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society is proud to present

 Terry Neild and Lynne Mills


The Dorchester County Historical Society

Genealogist Terry Neild will share her knowledge of DCHS’ own collection of documents, books and photographs that can help guide local and regional family research. In addition, nontraditional sources such as local store ledgers, payroll records and newspaper articles will be explored. This collection is part of the Family Life Center, which is open to the public and on the campus of the Heritage Museums and Gardens of Dorchester.

Genealogist Lynne Mills will share her research on her family from the lower part of Dorchester — mainly Bishops Head and Crocheron. The surnames include Johnson, Murphy, Mills and Pritchett. The public is invited to bring their genealogical information for comparison.

This event is open to the public and is free.


Wednesday afternoon at 2 PM October 28th at the Adkins Historical and Museum Complex – Odd Fellow Hall in Mardela Springs


Sailors lined up for Burial at sea for those killed during the Kamikaze attack on the U.S.S. Bunker Hill, 11 May 1945

Under state regulations promulgated in May 2014, all food establishments permitted by the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) were required to have a certified food protection manager on staff.

 The regulation created an unintentional hardship for charitable and fraternal organizations that typically operate with volunteers.  Signed by Gov. Jack Markell, Senate Bill 89 exempts such organizations from the DHSS mandate.

State Sen. Bruce Ennis, D-Smyrna, the prime sponsor of the bipartisan bill, said at least seven other states have a similar exemption on the books, including: Florida, Indiana, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, and Utah.  

Sen. Ennis added that no fire company in The First State has been involved with a public health mishap related to food preparation in more than 35 years.

Joining Sen. Ennis as sponsors on the bill were State Reps. Rich Collins, R-Millsboro; Tim Dukes, R-Laurel; Ron Gray, R-Selbyville; and Dave Wilson, R-Cedar Creek Hundred.    

State Reps. Jeff Spiegelman, R-Clayton; and Bobby Outten, R-Harrington, were among the bill's co-sponsors. 
The measure cleared the General Assembly without a dissenting vote.
Above From The Delaware House of Representatives Newsletter

I saw Tommy Lambden at the Artisan Street Fair.  He is a house painter and is always looking for the next job so I will give him a plug.  His phone number is 410-546-5164 cell 443-366-7834

Well we seem to have missed Hurricane Joaquin.  I miss the days when Hurricanes were named after women and you could pronounce the name.

When: Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015 at 10 a.m.
Where: 5904 Ben Davis Road
Pittsville, Md. 21850
Admission: FREE
The Delmarva Coon Hunters’ Association is happy to announce that their annual Mule Show will be back in Pittsville for its 38th year! The Oct. 18 show is the group’s main fundraising event. It will include mule jumping, Western pleasure, barrel racing, pole bending, obstacle course and the famous monkey in the tree.
There will also be demonstrations of coon dogs treeing, Team of Draft horses dragging the arena, Wicomico County Sheriff’s K9 Unit and Wallops Island Honor Guard. Maryland’s High School Rodeo team will have a booth to showcase their activities. Several of the Maryland’s High School Rodeo team members began competing in the Delmarva Coon Hunters’ Association events.
The club was founded in the 1970’s to foster interest in raccoon hunting with mules and equestrian events. The club’s grounds and pond were used at one time as a training area for the dogs and mules.
The club is a nonprofit organization with a goal of promoting goodwill and fellowship with love of mules and horses. The events are designed to showcase how versatile and fun the mules are. Adult and youth classes will compete in this event.

Laurel Public Library is pleased to announce that it will be hosting another Sussex County Cousins.  This event, held on Thursday, November 12 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, is in partnership with the Major Nathaniel Mitchell Chapter, NSDAR.  We wanted to share this with you, the attendees of previous Sussex County Cousins events, and we hope you can attend again this time.
The schedule for the day is as follows:
10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon -- Genealogy networking and information sharing with other attendees.
12:00 Noon - 1:00 PM -- Lunch on your own.  You may bring your own lunch (packed or carry out from a restaurant) and eat it in the library's community room or go out to eat.
1:00 PM - 2:20 PM -- Adult Services Librarian, Gregg McCullough, will give an overview of the library's Delaware Collection.  Members of the Major Nathaniel Mitchell Chapter, NSDAR,  will give a brief presentation on DAR, and Gregg will give a brief presentation on C.A.R. and SAR.
2:20 PM - 4:00 PM - Attendees will have time to do genealogical research using the library's materials, including the Delaware Collection and online resources.

A Message to President Obama