Friday, December 18, 2015

Friday Comments


I went to the Planning and Zoning meeting last night.  The main item I was interested in was the proposed Homeless Veterans Shelter in Delmar, which will be about a block from me.  Delaware Center For Homeless Veterans (DCHV) 

is the group requesting to be in Delmar.  It is one of those non-profits that make their money from the Veteran Administration and Donations. 


They want to buy the house at 109 E. Grove and put 5 homeless veterans in it plus a house manager and a house tech(?).   They have two other facilities a 16 person facility and a 10 person facility.  Neither operates at the maximum number of people.  The operation in Delmar will house people for 1 to 60 days.  The people that go in it will be assigned by the Veteran Administration.  Their background will be unknown to us so they could be heroes or sex offenders.   There were four people from the organization with David Mosley (CEO) and Roger Bungy answering questions.   The Planning and Zoning commission recommended they go for a variance on the property as there is no zoning that permits this in Delmar.  They also said everything would be subject to what was said by the town of Delmar Delaware attorney.  My take is this will certainly decrease home property values in Delmar, Delaware.  If they come to town it is a toehold for other organizations like them to come to town.  Unless the House manager organizes projects of a community service nature they are not going to add a lot in the 60 days they are here.   On the other hand they will not be here long enough to become an organized voting bloc.

 This warmer than normal weather is going to take it’s toll on strawberries, apple and peach trees and flowering trees.  No chance of killing off bugs, weeds and diseases in crops.  In a normal winter trees form buds in the fall that remain dormant through the winter months and become leaves in the spring, this warm weather has caused the buds to swell and if it continues the fruits trees will start to bloom and if a freeze comes along will destroy any fruit it may have produced  The effect on the Cherry trees in Washington Dc should also be interesting this year.  They will either bloom way early or start to form buds and then freeze.
 I usually judge my winter forecast by the number of walnuts my black walnut tree produces.  This year it was less than half of last years crop so that say it should be a mild winter.  However my neighbor base her weather forecast on her holly tree which was cover in berries this year so she is saying it is going to be a cold winter. 

 This year I have done a little Christmas buying over the internet.  It is convenient to some degree but one of the side effects is my anti virus software has been picking up Trojan type viruses all over my computer.  Plus my computer has slowed down from pop up ads that appear for everything I have looked at.


Photo Margaret Smith
Another piece of trash walked free in Delaware when Rondaige Harper was allow to escape justice for helping in retaining a 89 year old woman (Margaret Smith)  in the trunk of a car for two days in 2013.   The two females with him got jail sentences but due to technicalities Rondaige got away with it. The fourth person, Phillip Brewer, had plead guilty but since Rondaiges got away with has since changed his plea to not guilty.

This week in the Sussex guide 70 people filed legal notice that they were going to file for a concealed weapon permit.  Gun sales are up.

a clever idea for a book holder or recipe holder