Friday, January 08, 2016

Auction Starts Jan 12th

Hudson and Marshall has this property up on an on-line auction starting Jan 12th

It is described as 110 E. Grove street.  If the elected officials have their way it will be across from the homeless veteran shelter. 

It is in rough shape as an Indian had purchased it and rented it out as two apartments and you know Indian rental owners they do nothing when it comes to maintenance just collect money so the property is in bad shape.  However the property started out as a decent house.  Dr LeCates had his residence on one side and his practice on the other side.  There were connecting doors between the two.  After he died the property has become a number of things from a children daycare back in the 1980's to being split into a duplex and being rented out as two apartments.  Delmar has a regulation that says if a house that has been converted into apartments is vacant for a year it can only be used as a single family residence.  The elected officials on the zoning board in order to ensure my neighborhood stays a dump decided they would extend the provision and allow it to be made into two apartments again, in spite of the vacant one year rule.  No wonder Delmar is so crappy and you can't get people to buy here.  It reminds me of Church Street in Salisbury.  When I was growing up that was a nice section of Salisbury.  The city let it be taken over by slum lords and now look at it.  I don't expect any improvement in Delmar until we can get new people elected. 

Anyway back to this house a while back it was in foreclosure for $51,500  so I would be surprised if it was bought for that. 


Ray Wisniewski said...

This house looks like a solid built house but it has been let go for too long, and that hand rail, lol according to Delmar code?

Larry McC said...

With the proceeds from being a landlord they may have moved on to selling alcohol or purchased a motel, either way they need to look into one of those classes advertised in the Guide. Sounds like firecrackers, it always sounds like firecrackers.