Sunday, January 10, 2016

Motion Picture Money

People collect about everything.  There are a number of niche markets out there for things I had never thought about people collecting and assigning a hierarchy of value to an object.  One I had never given much thought to is motion picture money, stage money or movie prop money.  The money is imitation greenbacks used in the movies to give the appearance of real money.  Recently a few have appeared in Salisbury being passed off as real money.  The bills usually have motion picture money printed on them. 
now of course you can just buy prop money and there are a number of websites that sell the stuff such as;

and of course on ebay
besides for stage plays maybe you want to impress your friends by having a roll of fake money to hold up and display as real.

but there seems to be value set on various types of prop money as a collector items see below;

the nearest I can determine is if the motion picture company name such as, 20th century fox, is printed on the bill it is of more value than just a plain bill. 

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