Monday, January 18, 2016

Safe Zones and Kirk G. Phillips

I recently did a short writeup on Kirk Gunby Phillips.  He was born in 1851, west of Delmar.  At 15 he left home and headed west, by 1876 he was in the gold fields of Deadwood, South Dakota.  There he married and established a drug store and invested in gold mines.  He was Mayor of Deadwood and ran for Governor of South Dakota (he lost).  In 1913 he died.  In his will, besides taking care of his wife he made sure his three unmarried sisters in Barren Creek Wicomico County Maryland ( Jennie, Emma and Sallie Phillips) received funds to live off.  He is buried in Mt Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood with other notables from Deadwood such as wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.   He didn't look for a safe zone because word hurts.  He did something with his life.

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