Saturday, January 23, 2016

Saturday Comments

Jewell St in Delmar Yea it is a mess but think how much worst it could be.  I am of the age where snow and winter no longer has any magic in it, I just want for it to go away.

But did you know that today is National Pie Day? Not to be confused with the irrational Pi day March 14th,  So to hell with diets and diabetes go for some pie.

I recently was reading a book called "Pride of the Sea" by Tom Waldron.  It is about the sinking of the original "Pride of Baltimore" clipper that sank in 1986 leaving four dead.  One of the problems that contributed to the sinking was the position of one of the hatches.  I never really thought about why hatches on sailboats'ships are in the middle, it is just something you accept as part of the design but since sailboats tend to lean into the wind and in rough weather may have a part of their deck underwater if the hatch is off center water would be allowed to flow into the hull of the boat, as opposed to if the hatch is in the center of the boat the chance is lessened.

In 1981 The Pride was docked at Chestertown Md. and I went over to see it.  Took the above photos.  it was a Small thing, I wouldn't want to sail the Ocean on it.

It is just a good day to stay in and well you know.

Ancestry has a number of commercials on TV.  They imply that it is a snap to do your family tree using them.   To some degree it is, in comparison to other methods of developing a family tree.  The easiest one is to go to that relative who has made a family tree and get a copy of it.

The two draw backs to Ancestry is first most of their data that is useful is made up of members submitting their family trees to Ancestry.  With the exception of those who label their family tree private you can access all the public family trees and combine that person data into your family tree.  The drawback is you do not know how accurate their data is but it is quick.

The second drawback is you can easily be drawn into developing a large unmanageable family tree.  For the most part a family tree with about 2,000 people in it is manageable.  Those who have 40 and 50 thousand people in their family tree, to me, is just unmanageable.  The way the large tree happens is the "leaf" hint.  Ancestry gives you a "Leaf' if there is a member of your family tree mentioned in some record or other members tree.  What will happen is you may have a great aunt that was sister to your grand father the aunt is just a footnote she really doesn't come into your blood line tree that descend to you, but ancestry will give you a hint as to her spouse and then a hint as to her husband family and before you know it you have added another 100 people into your tree that continues to produce Hints from ancestry of people you really are not interested in. 

Ancestry has scanned a number of year books so I was able to find a photo of my wife cousin Rebecca Mae Howard in a Pocomoke Papoose yearbook - 1955.  It was convenient instead of seeking out a copy of the yearbook.

Another yearbook I accessed was in California for some Hummel members of the family.  This was in 1942 so I assume an all girls school club called the Horizon club has a different implication then it would today.   Again I was drawn into this due to the hints as I really have no great interest in the California Branch but just the branch that came to Salisbury. 

It's a little warmer out there but the wind will blow you away

I can't believe this crap that is going on with the Oscars.  People want to boycott the Oscars because no Blacks were nominated this year.  Maybe people just aren't impressed with how often "motherfucker" is said in a movie and they don't consider it acting.   So the racebaiters and liberal activist have now screwed up an event that I normally don't look at anyway but whom ever does win an award will be apologizing for winning it.  The award people apparently are going to back down on this issue rather than tell these people Tought Shit do some acting and maybe you will be nominated.

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