Monday, January 11, 2016

Some Monday Comments

First, I am disappointed, a calculation I had put as a post dividing 1.3 billion dollars by the population of the USA of 318.86 million came to 4 million dollars a piece and no one emailed me or commented about it.  This was a facebook thing going around and I put the data out there to see how many would pick it up and no one questioned it? Must be Delmar High School graduates.  $4 is the answer

Second, I am trying to deal with social security over the phone about a screwed up item on my mother's social security.
Yes it is like that when you try to deal with them.  It still is not resolved
Third, for this go around the good effect of dealing with Social security is you are foaming at the mouth by the time you are done talking to them and since I had broke down and got a DNA kit which requires filling a test tube with spit I was able to complete that part of the process fairly fast.

I went to a funeral yesterday at my age it occurs more frequent than I would care to see happen.  However a little funeral humor

and a great cake for an old person's birthday

and some cat humor

and some dog humor
You say you are waiting until Wednesday to buy your powerball ticket.  What if they are sold out of tickets by then?

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