Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Morning

It still could be worst.  The sun is out.  I went out this morning and shoveled part of my sidewalk, put the snow shovel by the backdoor and came back in to see if I was having a heart attack or not.  One of two kids (white about 12 y/o) came walking by and raced over and grabbed my snow shovel and took off.  Happily I was able to yell them down and he returned my shovel.  God Damn Delmar and it's petty theft I lose several items a year from people stealing shit out of my yard.  The police do nothing about it as they are under the impression they are here to do a major drug bust instead of petty crime. So not only do I pay their salaries but than I have to pay to replace the items stolen.   And Mayor Houlihan wants a group of Homeless Veterans to come to Delmar, just what we want -  more bums walking the streets of Delmar to steal things

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