Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Morning Walk

A very Short Morning Walk, I seem to grow tired easily, probably from staying inside the house to much

snow has mostly gone away unlike over on the western shore.
always a thrill to walk by the Chris Mills building seeing what has fallen off and

what may hit you as you walk by.  It is hard hat area.  Must be interesting for the town manager to look out her window and watch pieces falling off.

a number of events are being posted around town

the usual fund raisers for St Stephen's .  Hopefully donations will offset the free food on Shrove Tuesday


C21801 said...

I'm sure you've covered this before... but does the town have any ordinances where they could demolish the Chris Mills building and send him the bill?

Do you know what he paid for the property?

Howard said...

it has to be over 50% deteriorated before they can, but they have made it clear at town meetings they are not going to do anything about it.