Friday, January 15, 2016

The Sunshine Spa - Wishes Come True Here

I have mentioned before that I used Google alerts for various things I am interested in.  One of my alerts is the Subject "Delmar Delaware".  Each day Google dumps about ten websites that mention Delmar Delaware to my email.  Mostly it is homes for sale or services.  One service that came thru is the Sunshine Spa.  This is the massage parlor across from Bryan and Brittinghams.   It use to be the Rainbow Spa but I think an ownership change occurred.  The Rainbow Spa was always a low key place,  I have search the internet to see if any nasty things were happening there but the Rainbow Spa  just seem to a massage parlor.  The Google alert I recently received however linked to this ad

which again, nothing nasty but more general photographs there are a little more suggestive.  Now they have a motto "Wishes Come True Here".   So we will wait and see what may pop up about this place.

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bob pinto said...

Good grief!