Saturday, January 30, 2016

Things I Just Have To Wonder About

1)  New Vaginal Speaker Allows Pregnant Moms to Play Songs for Their Unborn Babies

2) Michael Jackson will be played by a White Man in the upcoming Michael Jackson movie

3)  Penis armor, rarely shown in pictures of the knights of old, but apparently did exist

4) GoFundMe
Doesn't anyone accept responsibility for their own financial situation?  It called planning for emergencies, doing with out, insurance, not asking people for hand outs, not getting in over your head to begin with, making tough adult choices.  Grow up people stop looking for a handout.

5) Japan’s revisionists are tired of having to say "I'm Sorry" about what happened in WW2  They say a lot they are apologizing for never happened.  Now to a degree I can see their point.   In Delaware there is a bill that people are trying to pass that would apology for owing slaves.  Certainly nothing I had anything to do with so there is no reason to apology. 

6)  In researching an article about Kirk Phillips, previously mentioned in a post, I was looking through the estate inventory of items he owned after his death.  As I had said he ran a Drug store and Mine Milling store in Deadwood South Dakota in the 1880 up to 1913 when he died.  Now Deadwood was a rough mining town and in 1905 the Chicago Livestock World newspaper wrote a piece of Deadwood in which they quoted Kirk Phillips about the stagecoach days in Deadwood. 
Before the railroad wiggled its way through the rugged hills, Deadwood was connected with the world by the stage coach.  This was the only means of ingress and egress for gold seekers.  Among those who came here during the “fever” and stuck was Kirk G. Phillips a man whose face reveals courage and determination.  Speaking of those pioneer days he said: It was almost a daily occurrence to have the stage held up.  There followed in the wake of the gold discovery a class of men who fancied they saw an easier way of making a living than swing the pick or shaking the pan.  The process was easy simply look fiercely down a gun barrel while the passengers walked out held up their hands and yielded up their possessions.  The business was profitable and at the same time tinged with excitement that comes with risk.  There was danger to be sure but this added to the romance.  Did those gentlemen like Claude Duval duff their hats to the ladies and scorn to take their belongings?  Well hardly They had not cultivated that sense of discrimination that made the British bandits famous. It was hands up all around and no favors.  In all my experience I never knew of a stage robber being killed in the act.  Once in a while they would tackle the treasure coach which carried the gold back to civilization.  These coaches were guarded by the bravest lot of men who ever pulled a trigger and were in fact on a par with the highwaymen and classed as bad men in the community. 

The inventory of items, back to it, in the inventory was about twenty different brands/types of tea.  Finding them was unexpected, I can imagine a group of stage coach robbers coming back from work and stopping off by the drugstore to buy tea to calm their nerves after the robbery.  So there is something I have to wonder about and perhaps change my view of men in a mining town.

Above photo Deadwood SD

He also had in stock;  4 gallons of Barnaby whiskey, 1 gallon of brandy, 40 gallons of whiskey, 57 gallons of alcohol, 10 gallons of port wine and 18 gallons of sky.  I can only assume Sky is an alcoholic spirit as it was mentioned with the whiskey etc.     Now that I was expecting..      

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