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Big Black Cloud Over Delmar

Back in the 1960s and depending on the type of telephone exchange you had you could dial a number you knew would more than likely be busy and talk over the busy signal to other people.  Called various names "The Beep Line" is the one I seem to recall being used most.  When a busy signal is heard it comes from a central location on the telephone exchange.  All the people who are calling that number at the same time would all be hooked into the same device generating the busy signal.  So if you called your favorite radio station WJDY it was usually busy so a number of teenagers discovered that between the beeps they could talk.  Like;  Beep "who Is" Beep "out there" Beep "want To" Beep "Hook up?"  Beep .  Yea it was cutting edge social media in the 1960's.  Eventually telephone exchanges came up with a method where this would not work but I recall it worked in Salisbury, later out in Ajo, Arizona and later still in Huntsville Alabama. 
cats watching it snow outside this morning

Very interesting results for this little test I have put some of the answers under it 
There were no survivors

“It’s no big deal.”
“I don’t love you.”

“Then there was one.”
The timing was wrong.
you owe me money
He’ll never pick me.
Forgotten, he died alone.
He never understood why

She is not yours.
Too long. Didn’t read

Never saw her again.
It was never real
I never loved me

what did I do?
Parallel lines never meet

Yet I said, no.
Sometimes I just cant
There was no pizza

i went too far

Hello? Is anybody there?

But nobody ever came…
What’d I do wrong?

We could have won
Depression prevails once again.
I am still alive

bringing a portion of the bay bridge down from Bethlehem steel

Afghan Khyber pass Martini pistol, late 19th century

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