Monday, February 22, 2016

The Monday Morning Walk

Great weather for taking a walk.  Let me tell you every day you have over age 60 is a gift and you should make the most of it.

The guys at Rt54 Bargain Outlet were out this morning putting out their stuff.

Big load of chairs setting outside for someone to buy

an overcast morning but it is a good morning for a walk

Crocus are in bloom, it gives old people the hope they might see spring

I noticed water is still standing in a lot of backyards plus this ditch by the feed mill still has water in it.

We went to Pocomoke on Saturday to visit some of my wife's relatives for a chili cookoff.  Those holding their hands up were the winners.

There is a page on facebook called old Baltimore photos that I took this Johnny Unitas ad from.  Great photos of Baltimore and sometimes the Eastern Shore but the volume of posts to the facebook page is incredible, like about a hundred a day.

While doing research on some family trees, I came across this  1927 yearbook photos from Evansville Indiana.  Looking at the girls it would appear bangs were all the rage either in 1927 or at least in Evansville, Indiana.

I thought it was odd the way this German soldier carried his shovel.  I wonder if it was a form of protection for his heart

great camouflage

The magic glasses exposes them
The main entrance door to NSA

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