Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Morning Walk

It's a neighborhood, not an experiment in Political Correctness

It was a little cooler this morning compared to yesterday
lots of water still standing from the snow and rain we had a few days ago
Above is water standing at Grove and Bi-State on Tuesday

Lots of renovating at 609 Grove
It is a nice old house that has those 24 pane windows

At 9 am the place was just dead with very little traffic

A Chance to serve the community on the library  board - do it now.

another election for the school board is coming up you have until March 4th to file

an interesting article in the Laurel star this week talked about how this feedmill will be used to make malted barley to be sold to brewers in the mid-atlantic area.  It may give jobs to 20 to 25 people and will turn out 25,000 tons of malt a year.  It should give local farmers another buyer of barley, but of course it does have train tracks to it to bring in grain from elsewhere.. 

The baby chick arrival schedule at Bryan and Brittingham's
In the Guide there were legal notices for 58 more people who applied for a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon

 two ads from 1957 for day care in Salisbury

Nothing good can come from giving a monkey a knife


Unknown said...

Another reason why I don't miss living next to the homeless men shelter, they were not allowed to smoke in the house, so they would all light up on the front porch. You could smell the ashtrays from a block away. All that smoking comes with health problems too. Ever hear of smokers cough? That annoying and repeated coughing and hacking and rasping noise caused from smoking?
Well, every morning between 7 and 8AM I had the pleasure of listening to about ten men trying to cough out small peices of their lungs onto the sidewalk while they enjoyed their first cigarette of the day.

Unknown said...

Another reason living next to homeless shelter is a bad idea, they alway want YOU to employ them. Not for a real job, just a car wash or lawn cut. And if you politely say NO THANK YOU, MY SON HELPS ME DO THAT, NOT NECESSARY BUT THANK YOU I'LL KEEP IT IN MIND IF NEED BE they become agitated and insulting and then say they hope that my son dies.