Monday, March 14, 2016

Rainy Monday

Well in spite of a dismal Monday there are a few things to write about.
First today is Pi day !!!!!!!!
at 3.14159 Pi day is usually celebrated on March 14 at 1:59 PM

and speaking of Pi the latest sandwich shop, in a long series of sandwich shops, to go in at State street and Bi-State street is Pizza Pi.

Good Luck to them

The old Memories / La Cabana is being taken down or falling down

We are starting to see School Board person Farrah Morelli campaign signs popping up around town.  I am all ways impressed if someone running in a Delmar Election actually spend their money on campaign material.  I will also say when I use to go to school events she was the only school board member that showed up, for most, of the performances etc.

An interesting oddity about elections and voting nationally is Dwight D. Eisenhower, as other professional soldiers in the 1920s, 1930,s and 1940s, disliked politicians and felt it was an area no soldier should be involved in.  Eisenhower never voted in an election until he ran for President.

Shayona Drugstore is slowly coming together at State Line Plaza. 

I don't know why protesters who go to a Trump rally expect to be treated nicely.  The Black Trash Matter movement went to the Chicago rally a few days ago and created problems but it was mainly an excuse to loot stores. 

We went over to visit with my daughter on Sunday

It was a crap day with the rain and the traffic.  Even when it wasn't raining the traffic kicked up a constant road mist that hampered driving. 

I think I have mentioned before the high number of Koreans in Ellicott City.  Besides the business signs in Korean, when you go into a liquor store you encounter Chamisul soju and other versions of it.  Here, around Salisbury, you might come across one brand of this stuff, over in Ellicott City they have a couple of aisles of it

It is a clear liquor or rice wine maybe the actual name is soju or Cheongju, anyway it is sort of like saki usually about 19 percent alcohol and is cheap.  It is a little like low proof vodka or rubbing alcohol with sugar in it.  I assume it is an acquired taste.

For some reason I always have trouble out at Walgreen having a prescription filled.  I think Ed when he had Bi-State pharmacy ruined me with exceptional customer service.  Anyway on Saturday I tried to have a prescription filled and as usual more shit from them so the corner of happy and healthy can shove their business up their ass.

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