Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Election Day

Today is the primary election day I am sure by now the News shows have predicted the winner even before the polls close.

It is a great looking carnival going on in Delmar - stop by

I received today a 1964 photo of the Carousel in Ocean City.  Lee Donehower sent it to me after reading my 2008 post on Bobby Baker and the Carousel.  Interesting the Bobby Baker post is the most popular one on my blog.  The other post were #2 The 1933 Bank Holiday, #3 was Restaurant Impossible - Rascals, #4 Tractor Supply, and #5 The Rancher a Delmar House Style.  Yes a strange group but that is what happens when the internet surfs for topics.

  Can you imagine the outcry if someone posted something like this 1970 yearbook photo in their yearbook today?  and it looks like it was taken in the school.

Yes, as most of us, know there is sidewalk replacement in Delmar and traffic is screwed up

Summertime is here think before you put those flip flops on

The town was sweeping the streets on the Delaware side today.

Thunderbirds - formation

Mural Art In Northern Ireland
Irish Confederates were not as numerous as those who fought for the Union; an estimated 150,000 Irish served in the Union Army while only 30,000 served in the Confederate Army. Of the 425 Confederate generals, six were Irish. There were more Irish among the colonels, and they served in various positions, but many more Irish served in lower ranks - some in the Confederate Navy. One of the most famous Irish Catholic chaplains was Father John B. Bannon, also known as the “fighting chaplain.” Many of the hardest-fighting units included Irish within their ranks. The casualty rates were higher among the Irish than among other groups; these soldiers typically refused to give up where others would retreat. 

Speaking of the Irish remember this presentation going on in Ocean Pines tomorrow.
Irish Genealogy
The Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society is proud to present
 Mike Healy  
Irish Genealogy: Tips, Techniques, Tales, and Lessons Learned
Mike Healy is an Irish American United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point and Trinity College, Dublin (TCD) graduate, whose Irish grandparents came to America in May 1912.  He has been active in the Irish American community for over 30 years, with a number of past and present Irish American community affiliations
The presentation is an entertaining, beautiful pictorial presentation of Mr. Healy’s extensive Irish genealogy research experiences.  He will discuss proven research methods for finding your Irish ancestors’ origins and historical records, to include researching on-line genealogy resources such as Ellis Island passenger lists, U.S. and Irish census records, and 19th century Griffiths Valuation records.
This event is open to the public and is free.
Wednesday afternoon at 2 PM April 27th at the Ocean Pines Community Center, 235 Ocean Parkway, Ocean Pines, MD 21811

Actually I think the below is Bullshit and recycling sucks

DNREC issues $40,000 penalty to Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. for solid waste recycling violations

DOVER (April 25, 2016) – DNREC Secretary David S. Small has issued a Notice of Administrative Penalty and Secretary’s Order to Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. for violations of Delaware’s Regulations Governing Solid Waste. The Order includes a penalty of $40,000 and $3,660 in cost recovery for the Department.

Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. is licensed to transport solid waste, operating under a Delaware Solid Waste Transporter Permit. Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. owns and operates businesses located at 300 Harvey Drive in Wilmington and at 226 South Railroad Avenue in Georgetown, providing solid waste collection services to residential and commercial customers throughout the state.

Delaware’s Solid Waste Recycling Law (also known as the Universal Recycling Law) requires all waste service providers to collect source-separated recyclable materials in a manner to ensure that the source-separated recyclable materials enter the marketplace and are otherwise not disposed via a landfill or by incineration. The Universal Recycling Law also requires waste service providers to provide their residential trash customers with certain recycling services.

DNREC documented solid waste violations by Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. in Wilmington, Lewes, and Selbyville at various times during 2015. Violations were related to Waste Management’s combining trash and recyclables from separate collection containers into one truck compartment, or by Waste Management not providing curbside recycling service as required by law.

Prior to the Secretary’s Order, DNREC also had issued Waste Management  notices of violation (NOVs) in June and October of 2014, and in January this year for failure to provide adequate single-stream recycling collection services to some of its single-family and multi-family residential customers. DNREC also notified Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. of the need to comply with all aspects of the Universal Recycling Law. 
The Secretary’s Order can be found on the DNREC website at http://www.dnrec.delaware.gov/Info/Pages/SecOrders_Enforcement.aspx.

Waste Management of Delaware, Inc. has 30 days to appeal the Order.

1920 ad for cigar makers

As you can see from this post there is not much going on in Delmar of interest to me. 

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