Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, the beginning of the weekend

Waiting for Memorial Day weekend to begin


Construction of sidewalks ramps that conform to the American Disability Act continue on State Street.  A nice and very expensive gesture but since wheelchair people use the street it is a waste of money.  They use the street because the sidewalks have telephone poles, and street signs buried in them reducing the width of the sidewalk to, in some places, only about 14 inches, not wide enough for a wheelchair or electric scooter.

I see Walmart is selling chairs that fit their customer base.

about December 1942 Red Star Bus Line Employees
Avery W. Hall, Carl Bennett, William H. Walsh, James W. Hopkins, Frank Taylor, Clyde Smith, James W. Wilson, George Roger, Harold Bennett and Edgar T. Bennett.

North American coastline at end of last ice age

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