Thursday, May 12, 2016

Misc Thursday

Another overcast day with an outlook for rain

I never thought there would be a discussion as to which bathroom men or women should use.  Yet it seems to be a national discussion.  To top it off the Federal government is looking at suing a state that has said men should use the bathroom designated for men and women should use a bathroom designated for women.  Simply put, this country gets more fucked up every day. 

I did go to the meeting last night at the Delmar, Maryland Elementary School.  I didn't stay for the entire thing as I left about 7:10, I doubt I missed any new thing as once the public comments started it all followed the same complains. 

Over a hundred people were there and of course a couple politicians.  Mainly Carl and Bunky. 

David Czorapinski, Chief of Motor Carrier Division of State Highway Administration, handled the crowd well.  I never trust elected officials or taxpayer supported people so I don't know if he was telling the crowd what they wanted to hear or if he was being truthful.  He and the public all agreed that the scales/weigh station should be located elsewhere.  He says they have not been able to find a location and have looked at three different ones and have 5 more to look at.  They range from Pocomoke to Delmar.  He said since they need land on both sides of the road for the scales it poses a problem.  That said they need to have a backup plan to handle their needs so they are looking at expanding the Delmar facility.

The expansion plans were created by more safety inspections on the trucks.  They need additional lanes to hold the trucks while they inspect them.  The facilities need updating anyway as they are old. 

I think anyone who drives from Delmar to Salisbury will agree that the entrance and exit from the scales, both north and south sides of Rt13, are a problem as both are very close to traffic lights. 

Various complains ranged from the safety issues of the bus driver who pick up and drop children off at Mallard Drive, to the usual noise, (of interest to me was they mentioned that besides the noise from the trucks they got noise from the race track), traffic, run off and environmental issues, generally they don't want it next to their houses and see this as a good chance to have the station moved elsewhere.

Altho no one wants a scale station next to their home the station does bring in money to the area.  It is in a number of  not obvious ways, such as when a tow trucks go out to pick up a truck at the inspection station the inspection people says should not be on the road.   The truck stop in Laurel was created by the weigh station.  Simply put a truck will load to the max limits, maybe a little over,  the driver calculates the weigh of the fuel he will use so when he crosses the scales he will be very low on fuel and weigh less, hopefully within the weight limit.  . A long time ago when ice was used to cool the produce in a trailer the weigh of the ice was also a consideration.   He will need to buy/refuel very soon after leaving the scales so a truck stop is usually on each side of a weigh station.  Sometimes if the truck is over the weigh limit, at the truck stop will be a guy with a pickup truck who the truck driver will off load produce or items to the pickup truck who will carry them pass the weigh station and meet the truck driver on the other side of the weigh station and reload.  And the truck is within the weight limits. So the economy is boosted by buying tow trucks, repair services, fuel, food, hookers, and the guy with the pickup truck picks up 50 or so dollars.

I find it interesting that the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston S. C., where nine church members were shot, had received in donations about $3.4 million dollars.  The church says only $280,000 of that amount specified it was to go to the families of those shot.  So the church kept over half the donations for their own use.  They did toss in another million to add to the $280,000 to the families.  Some members of the families are suing because they didn't get enough.

Once again we have foreign crab pickers back on the shore picking crabs.  The crab houses are complaining that it took to long to bring in H2 - B workers from Mexico.  They still insist they can't get workers from the area but I have never seen an ad in the newspaper looking for workers.  Too me this is the same as if a manufacturing company moves to Mexico.  It is putting Americans out of work.  I will say at least these workers are legal. 

The Delmar Historical and Arts Society will meet tonight at the Peddlers Four at 7 PM

They have been busy at the new malt plant south of Laurel.  Mainly removing metal from the top of the building and crushing up some other convey systems.

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