Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Misc Tuesday

Well I have grass and weeds up to my ass and it still rains. About ten days ago I was unhappy about how dry it was and now the opposite. Not much happening in Delmar the past few days, the carnival packed up and went away.

I did go to the Delmar Delaware council meeting last night and listen to the Perdue Agribusiness presentation about the land they purchased in Delmar. Delaware.  Judy Schwartz, engineer from George Miles and Buhr who is designing the complex lead the presentation with about six people supporting her.   They have 17 acres, on which is a tax ditch (meadow branch) and two other nontax ditches, so it shows there will be  a lot of discussions with the state, corps of engineers, etc about storm water management. They are looking at one large storm water drainage pond and two smaller marsh land type drainage area or ponds.  They are looking at a 30 to 40 thousand sq ft building that will house about 200 office workers.    A road (driveway will extend from RT13 to Stage Road.  Off of RT13 will be a right only entrance and a right only exit on to Rt 13.  Deldot did not see the need for a cross over (thank god as Deldot has screwed up the Whitesville road entrance and cross over).  The access on to Stage road will just be a normal access.  Deldot did not see the need for a turn lane into Perdue.  Parking will be for 100 spaces with an additional 50 spaces for over flow.  There will be a two acre plot to test corn and wheat etc with different type of fertilizer.  Perhaps the more interesting thing to me is there is an old cemetery on the property and Perdue wants to restore it and show it off as a heritage point highlighting the areas agriculture background. 

 We had two old cars that it was time to get rid of.  Both were to the point where they didn't run.  Not  knowing which scrap dealer to called we picked Kroeger's Salvage in Seaford (302-875-7750).  He came by in a rollback and paid cash (no checks) for the vehicles and removed them.  We mainly wanted to get rid of them but the cash was nice as I can pay more Vet bills.  The price he pays I am sure varies with the age of car and what can be salvaged off them, in our case it was about a  nickel a pound for each car.   I was pleased in dealing with him.
NS 3407 was in town last week

Grass is growing so the horses are bound to be happy.

 I received this comment concerning Farrah Morelli re-election run; 

Just an FYI, she voted against going to referendum. That was a vote against handicap Accessibility, Fixing the roof at the school, having a cop at the school, Teacher raises(Delmar teacher are the lowest paid in the state), and a new locker room (middle school students are currently changing in sheds and in bathrooms because there are not enough lockers for all the students) these were things that the school desperately needed and she voted no?? makes no sense. You want to be on the school board to make the school better, not for your own agenda. Vote no for Morelli.

Now  to me this is reasons to vote for her.  I was against the referendum when it came up and am still against the ongoing waste of money out at the school.  As far as I am concerned I will vote for her re-election. We need people on the board who will question what the school says they need, as schools are the worst empire builders going. 

The street light at the corner of First and Jewell is finally working again.  My daughter called DPL countless times about it and now it works.  Besides the street and sidewalks It floods my porch with light and frankly I feel a lot safer with the light working.

 1973 at Washington College
Submit your photos for “Happy and Healthy Chickens” photo contest

DOVER – The Delaware Department of Agriculture is inviting Delawareans to enter their best photos of back yard poultry for its 2016 Happy and Healthy Chickens Photo Contest.  The top image will be published in the 2017 Delaware Agriculture Calendar, and winners in each age category will receive a poultry-related prize pack and have their photograph published in DDA’s #FarmFriday social media series.

Judges will look for photographs that best exemplify the contest theme, “Happy and Healthy Chickens.” Judges will also be looking at technical criteria including resolution, clarity, and composition. The photos should accurately reflect the subject matter, with nothing added or removed from the photo. Age categories include: 5-7 years old; 8-10 years old; 11-14 years old; 15-21 years old; 22 years and above.

Hundreds of Delawareans keep back yard chickens in small flocks. Benefits include fresh eggs and a reduction in weeds and pests.  

 Don't you hate it when that happens?

People look at this photo in various ways, some says Jackie was hauling ass trying to save her skin, others say she was scooping up her husbands brains for some unknown reason.

I recently was reading an old (1996) book about the Clintons, it is called "Blood Sport" by James B. Stewart.  It covered those days of the Clintons and whitewater (remember that one?) , Vincent Fosters suicide, Bill Clinton womanizing etc.  Just brings back the days when the Clinton were in power.  I thought it was interesting the first paragraph read;
Hillary Rodham Clinton is called to testify before a grand jury, the first time a first lady has ever been subpoenaed in a criminal probe.  on the Senate floor, Lauch Faircloth, conservative North Carolina republican, calls her a liar
Let face it everyone considers her a liar.

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Dude said...

How can you say that the school does not need these things??? The roof is leaking, the school is not in fed compliance for handicap regs, and we have kids changing in sheds after school for athletics. We have one of the best ranked Schools in the state, do you want that to continue?? Come on, this was an easy vote. I cant believe would not vote for this to go to referendum. Please explain why you voted against it? You want kids changing in sheds, you want the roof to continue to leak, you don't want handicap students to be able to get around our school????