Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rainy Saturday

Rainy day good excuse to not do yard work.  I rode by the Center (mall) and it looked liked everyone in Salisbury was there,  Those who were not were at Wal-Mart.

Golden Pride Processing Plant in Stockton, MD. 1972

A young Queen Elizabeth in the 1940s 

It looks like Car City Auto is up for sale

 Black Cats waiting to audition for the 1961 movie "Tales of Terror"

 I picked a number of these old 10 inch 78RPM records up at the Salvation Army in Salisbury
 They were from the mid 1920s to early 1930s interesting - something else to stumble over in the house.
Cost me ten cents a piece

The Artisan Fair just took up one side of the street last week.  I thought it was a good idea as some of the downtown merchants had complained about having the street closed for it. 

 1948 night fishing in Hawaii

I found this dead bat laying in my yard.  I don't know if the cats killed it or it just died. Anyway it was scooped up in the shovel and tossed in the trash. 

Howard's idea way to send illegal immigrants back across the Rio Grande River

 The above is a carved watermelon

Nothing is worst than pulling hair out of the shower drain

About 1900 the Chesapeake and Delaware canal from the collection of Lee Collins

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