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D day was yesterday.  President Obama didn't mention anything about it in his Statement and releases.  He did release statements on Ramadan and how the United States is blessed with Muslim communities.  

I had read where D day was really set for April but due to the lack of LCTs (Landing Crafts Tanks)LCMs etc  it was pushed forward to June when enough LCTs were built.  LCTs aren't the small personnel landing craft like above, it is the larger ones for carrying tanks and vehicles like below.

Back when I was in the service which was about 20 years after D day I use to catch a ride on an LCM as it made the supply run between Naha Harbor Okinawa and Okino Erabu Shima where I was stationed.  Since it anchored off shore of Okino island harbor supplies and people were transferred to a personnel landing craft to finally land
above the LCM that supplied the island sitting in Naha Harbor 1964

a couple airman on the bow 1964
The landing craft to land at the island 1964

Buzz Van Beaver sitting in the landing craft waiting to unload.

and should you feel you would like to buy a landing craft they are for sale here;

Work continues at the Malt Plant south of Laurel.  They have removed the silos and grain moving equipment

Below from the Salisbury Independent

Retired Delmar police chief to aid medical marijuana effort

CannaMed Pharmaceuticals, which is seeking a license to manufacture, distribute and process pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products, has announced the addition of Harold “Hal’ Saylor to the CannaMED team.
Saylor, who retired last year after a 34-year career with the Delmar Police Department, will serve as the Public Information Officer, and will be the liaison to local government, individuals, businesses and institutions.
Saylor previously publicly supported Maryland’s moves to approve medical cannabis, and the need to carefully regulate and police implementation of the program’s objectives.
The longtime law enforcer  will be primarily responsible for CannaMED’s community outreach programs, including the roll-out of the company’s “No Abuse” public education and awareness program, and CannaMED’s medication distribution program which will provide discounted medication to people in need, by working together with independent dispensaries across the state.
With 31 years spent as chief, Sayler retired as the longest-serving Chief of Police in Maryland and Delaware history.
Sayler lives in Mardela Springs. The marijuana-growing operation would be based in the former Ma-Tech facility there along Route 50.

Legal notices stating people are applying for a concealed weapon permit are down.  Could it be people have found a cheaper place to advertise the notice or is it the chance that people think Donald Trump will become president and will lock up the criminals that Obama think are being unfairly jailed.

One of the occupational deformities that technology is eliminating is writer's horn or callus or bump.  You know that thick lump of dead skin that forms on the fingers to protect sensitive skin from the pressure and friction of a pen or pencil rubbing against the skin.   In my previous life as an Accountant I developed one.  By the 1990s computers had turned accountants into computer operators and I assume people now days, in that field, do not have a writer's horn. At one time it was considered a badge of honor that showed commitment and experience to the field (like a dueling scar).  But that was back in the days when accountants were honest.

So did WBOC get the idea for their paint design for their chopper from the above mix master

Once again Delmar PD will participate in the 30th annual statewide Law Enforcement Torch Run benefiting Special Olympics Delaware this Thursday at 6 a.m.
More than 500 law enforcement officers participate in the run that spans more than 160 miles. (Note Delaware is 93 miles long but they like to do it the hard way)
As in the past, this year’s Torch Run will be a three-day event, starting in Rehoboth Beach on Wednesday, June 8 at 7 p.m. On Thursday, June 9, three separate tor...ches will be lit and run from Lewes, Georgetown, and Delmar (6 am) before converging in Harrington, where the one “Flame of Hope” will then travel through Dover, Smyrna, and Odessa. The run includes a stop at Legislative Hall in Dover at approximately 2 p.m. with a presentation before the full House of Representatives.
On Friday, June 10, the "Flame of Hope" torch will be carried to the Bob Carpenter stadium at Univ of Delaware where at 12:30 Pm the Summer Special Olympics will begin
So be in front of McDonalds in Delmar at 6 AM and cheer the Delmar police Department on as they start the run up Delaware.

James Caan as Sonny Corleone on the set of The Godfather, 1972

We have this catbird that is terrorizing our cats.  I feel no sympathy for the cats as cats are bullies that beat and kill anything smaller than they are. 

The original Moulin Rouge the year before it burned down – Paris, France (1914  )

I stopped by Schumaker Pond last week.  This was an area that I use to go swimming at up thru the 1990s.  Now swimming isn't allowed and there is an assortment of other things not allowed posted on a sign.  It is really quite a mess with the ducks and geese.  As you can see from the pier it is covered in duck shit. 

Not heard often, but it is still out there, is the Citizen arrest.  This Vigilante Behavior consists of a citizen detaining someone in an alleged or suspected crime.  The idea today is the citizen will detain the person and call for the police who will arrest them.  Historically it dates back to Anglo Saxon law in medieval England .   In the united States a private person can stop or “arrest” an individual engaged in a serious crime  and you can use reasonable force to hold them until the “Law” arrives.

In Delaware the citizen arrest generally falls under;

Delaware § 2514 Arrest without warrant.

The arrest of a person may be lawfully made by any peace officer or a private person, without a warrant, upon reasonable information that the accused stands charged in the courts of a state with a crime punishable by death or imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year, but when so arrested the accused shall be taken before a judge or justice of the peace with all practicable speed and complaint shall be made against the accused under oath setting forth the ground for the arrest as in § 2513 of this title, and thereafter the accused's answer shall be heard as if the accused had been arrested on a warrant.

In April 2, 1986 State Register Lawrence E. Jestice (that's that way it reported in the news paper) did a citizen arrest on Harry Schaeffer, backed up by State trooper Randall Hughes II,  as shown below;

and this one from
below from WBOC

Sussex and Wicomico County Law Enforcement Explain Citizen's Arrest

Posted: Aug 28, 2013 6:12 PM EDT Updated: Sep 17, 2013 9:47 AM EDT

LAUREL Del.-A Laurel man is being hailed a hero after he said he stopped a man who was trying to steal valuable merchandise from a local restaurant.
Chris, who did not reveal his last name, said the incident happened last week at Bayside Seafood on Route 13 in Laurel. 

On Wednesday, a trail of brown oil could still be seen on the grass behind the restaurant that was seeping from a truck which Chris said he stopped from taking off.

"I immediately called 911," Chris said.
He said he called police because his gut instinct told him that something didn't look and feel right. 
"I went home, grabbed my four wheeler and figured I would sneak up on him," Chris said, "so I parked my ATV in front of him and started to have words with him and couple of minutes later the police showed up and were able to apprehend him."

Capt. Ricky Richardson with the Laurel Police Department said that Chris' actions are referred to as a "citizen's arrest."
It's the kind of help that Richardson said is legal and the one the department appreciates.

"It just makes our job a lot easier because then we don't have to search for the person and everything," Richardson said.

"The perpetrator has committed a crime and you have citizens out there who are willing to help the police."

Charles Smith, who is the owner of the restaurant, said that if it wasn't for Chris' quick actions he would be out of a lot of money.

"I would say he is a hero on my part because then that might have saved me a bunch of money or saved my alarm from going off and me having to get up in the middle of the night," Smith said.

While Chris may have showed a lot of bravery and guts, Lt. Tim Robinson with the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office said that his office doesn't condone vigilante justice.

"We don't want our private citizens going out thinking they are cape avengers and fighting the forces of greed crime and evil," Robinson said. "That's what we are here for."

Chris said that he made the citizen's arrest because he knew he could.

"My wife calls me an idiot for doing it, but I say it's about time," he said.

He also said that he would do it again if necessary.

Both Robinson and Richardson said that anytime you feel the need to make a citizen's arrest, be as safe as possible.

They said a citizen can detain a suspect, but use common sense.

They also added that if the perpetrator has a weapon, then call 911.

Unlike the guy from Texas who did a shoot out and lost

May 3, 2016 An ex-Marine in Texas who witnessed a shooting in a Walgreens parking lot was shot dead as he tried to make a citizen's arrest, police say. The Arlington Police Department says Anthony Antell Jr., 35, went to his vehicle to get his gun after he saw Ricci Bradden shoot his wife in the ankle after an argument, the New York Daily News reports. "The good Samaritan tried to stop him, pointed his firearm at the suspect, told him to stop," Arlington police Lt. Chris Cook told reporters after the incident on Monday. "Suspect exited his vehicle and exchanged gunfire with the good Samaritan, killing unfortunately the good Samaritan."

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