Sunday, September 04, 2016

Lil' Red Hen and the Halloween Mask

While I was taking my break from blogging it would seem a problem popped up at lil' Red Hen Nursery school in Delmar.   Some staff members were using fear as an encouragement to get children to do what they were told to do.  Lower Eastern Shore News reported it and did a reasonably good job in reporting it.  This is something blogs and facebook do well, they report on things that the "News Media" would not report on.

The State of Delaware Dept of Services for Children and Youths and their families got involve and now those staff members are doing (probably finished ) three hours of positive behavior management training. 

Now I know some about Lil' Red Hen and it is a good Nursery school.  Obviously this is a fuck up on their part. 

If I had written about it perhaps I would have added a few points that most (maybe all) daycare and nurseries are written up by the state on a routine basis.  They just have to find something. 

Should you want to check out a nursery school go to office of Child Care Licensing
and click on search for Child Care
enter the zip code for where the child care facility is

a list of facilities will appear.  you can then select one

you can then click on Non-Compliance report and see what items the state (I am from the state and I am here to help you) has determine was non-compliance.  See top image for non-compliance reports on Lil' Red Hen.

Nevertheless Jonathan Taylor did a good job of bringing this to every ones attention.

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