Thursday, September 22, 2016

Remember When

November 3 1959 Wicomico High School principal George H. Corddry, Jr., lifted the ban on Girls smoking in school.  For a number of years the boys had been allowed to smoke in designated areas but if girls were caught smoking disciplinary action was taken.  Strangely, by today standards,  the parents of the girls demanded they have equal rights and be allowed to smoke in school.  Mr. Corddry said he allowed the smoking in designated areas in order to prevent uncontrolled smoking around the entire school. 

At that time cigarettes could be bought at age 14. 

It didn’t last however, by the middle of November Wicomico County Superintendent Roy A. Mahaffey shut down the smoking of students in the school system stating there was a state law stating no smoking was permitted by students on school grounds.

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