Friday, September 09, 2016

The Chris Mills Building.

At the Delmar Delaware council meeting Tuesday, Chris Mills appeared to give an update.  Not much going on for the building.  Last time he appeared he said he would have something done to the back of the building by July.  He said he was busy and didn't get to it.  Now he says maybe December or the first of the next year.  He also asked for information on any loans he could get to fix the building up and he said he would entertain bringing in partners on the project. 

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Ray Wisniewski said...

What a joke, all he wants is somebody to give him money. If he was in Salisbury, this building would of been condemned and a nice green area placed in that spot, maybe a few parking spots. It's a shame how our town fathers have turned their heads away from this eyesore. Too bad I cannot vote in Delmar. But I will try and join Howard in some meetings.