Sunday, October 30, 2016

Black Walnuts

My Black walnuts tree has dropped it's load of walnuts.  Not nearly as many as two years ago when I had about 2,000 dropping.  This year it was about 800.  I keep try to predict the winter weather from the number of nuts but have found it is not very accurate.


C21801 said...

I assume you don't go through the effort to harvest them? I have fond memories of picking them up, and my grandfather cutting the husk off the outside with a hatchet (and wore a heavy rubber apron and rubber gloves on as they stained everything with a sticky black residue.) Then we'd lay them out on 2ft x 6ft tins to dry. When dry, he'd then chop them in half with a hatchet, and off the buckets would go into the kitchen where my grandmother and mom would spend a few days picking all of the meats out.

swampcritter2 said...

Forget all that crap about eating Black Walnuts. Drink them instead. Pick them in July when they're still on the tree and have a deep pungent citrusy smell. Chop them up (wearing rubber gloves of course) and place them in the largest jar you can find and cover with grain alcohol or vodka. Seal tightly and then forget about them for as many months as you can stand. Six months should suffice, 1 year is better. Strain through cheesecloth and then a fine wire sieve or coffee filter. Enjoy! The Italians call this particular mixture a "digestivi" which is enjoyed prior to a meal. This recipe is a"'digestivi" known as Nocino. Another cure for too many walnuts is to pickle them. The Brits have the best method for this, but since I haven't tried it I won't comment on it. Google it.