Sunday, October 30, 2016

Get Out And Vote

Well November 8th we go and vote again.  This election has been interesting just from the negativity of it and we have another nine days to go.  My "vote for Trump" sign is missing from my yard, assumed stolen by some low life Hillary supporter.  Anyone who is old enough to remember the Clintons in the white house before, know they are trash and just no way would I return them to the White house.

But I live in a state that is mostly Democrats in the upper two thirds of it.  Sometimes Sussex county does go Republican but it doesn't matter as the northern part of Delaware carries the state.  And in truth it doesn't matter which way Delaware goes as it's three electoral votes isn't going to swing anything.  Delaware is right up there with; Alaska, D.C., Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming.  Combine all eight states and you still have less electoral votes then Florida.  But at least Trump made a visit to Delaware.  I don't count the one Hillary did of slipping across the state line from Philadelphia and delivering her speech. 

The other remarkable thing about this election is regardless how much the candidates screw up their supporters are sticking by them. 

Regardless come November 8th get out and vote.

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