Sunday, November 06, 2016

Misc Sunday

I rode to the Delaware Public archives yesterday.  On the way there I saw a number of Trump signs but only one for Hillary. 

I don't understand, if she is so popular, why don't I see her signs.

anyway the Delaware Public archives always have a great speaker on the First Saturday of the month.  I usually don't go to that many of them because it is a 2 1/2 round trip for an hour long talk, but Judy G. Russell was talking on Saturday so I went.  Judy is a lawyer and she writes a blog called The Legal genealogist.  a very interesting blog.  She had two talks on Saturday but I just went for the afternoon talk which was Rogues, rascals, & Rapscallions: The Family Black Sheep.  It was an interesting and amusing talk in which she talked about her 2nd g Grandfather who committed a number of crimes (including murder) in Texas but eventually was drafted into the Texas Home Guard during the Civil War and the home guard became the Texas Rangers.   So he was a criminal murderer and a Texas Ranger - if he was alive today he could run for President.  The nice thing about her talk was she appeared to have modified the presentation to include a number of Delaware sources, you know how bad it is when you watch a presentation and it is a canned one the speaker gives everywhere that is orientated to some part of the country you have no interest in.   

One item she addressed was the FBI.  The FBI website includes a section called The Vault
the vault is over 6,000  FBI reports on various people (well known people from Clinton to Al Capone.  It also has such titles as unexplained phenomenon, - Roswell etc.  The WWII section includes Toyko Rose and Wernher  VonBraun.    Spiro Agnew is under "popular figures."  Under popular culture Is Dick Clark and Rock Hudson (one of the more marked out reports oddly enough).
anyway browse through some on them.  Most are boring, most are redacted, most are not what you hoped for.  

You can send in a Freedom of information act request for information on relatives  or yourself to the FBI.  Odds are if you lived during the "Cold war" you have a file.

and since I, on occasion, fumble the words Genealogist and gynecologists let me remind you we have one of those in Delmar also.

Amish for trump

We have been boxing up a number of things and I have hit this dumpster behind the liquor store for boxes.  A nice side benefit is they throw their out of date liquor away in it also.

Norman Rockwell

1935 school addition in Delmar Delaware

 Above Pepperbox School Nr 113 in spring 1936
The Pepperbox school would catch fire and burn in the fall of 1936 and the students would be consolidated into the Laurel School district and take a 6 mile bus ride each day.

Chimney sweep at work on the church chimney

1969 ad

The corn is in and now it is soybean picking time.

Kennedy in Cambridge Maryland

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