Friday, December 02, 2016

Doesn't Short's Funeral Home Use This Brand of Caskets?

BATESVILLE, Miss. -- A casket company known across the south is closing it's doors. The decision will cost 200 people their jobs.
"Just to snatch 200 jobs out of the equation, that is going to hurt," said Danny Griffin.
On Thursday, 200 employees at Batesville Casket Company found out that come 2017 they won't have a job. That's because the well known casket company plant is shutting its doors in Batesville and continuing production in Mexico.
"Now you’re going to just see those people put out of the door," added Griffin.
Griffin is a Batesville pastor who told WREG his son once worked at the plant.
"I’m wondering what provisions they are giving the people, to help those people out, finding new jobs," said Griffin.
According to the company, employees will be given severance information as well as help with finding a new job. As for Griffin, he said no matter where the company relocates, he'll always remember Batesville Casket Company as a staple of the south.
"I lived in Georgia before. I used to see these trucks come all the way to Georgia, Batesville Casket Company," added Griffin.
While the company is leaving, Panola County Economic Development officials plan to start shopping around real soon to make sure the plant isn't left sitting empty.
The plant will close its doors effective March 2017.
above from NR3 tv news

Now that would be a laugh, spend your life trying to buy American and get buried in a Mexican casket.

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