Friday, January 15, 2016

What's With The Laurel School System?

Another person has been charged with stealing from the North Laurel Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization.  Kimberly Parker, 48, was taken into custody Jan. 5 and charged with theft: $1,500 or greater in the incident, Laurel Police Sgt. Adam Coleman said. Coleman said she took more than $2,500 from the organization.

As you may recall William Hitch, Jr stole about $151,000 from the Laurel School system back in 2010.

Does this school system do any audits or checks before the fact instead of after the fact? 

Fix It Now

The Sunshine Spa - Wishes Come True Here

I have mentioned before that I used Google alerts for various things I am interested in.  One of my alerts is the Subject "Delmar Delaware".  Each day Google dumps about ten websites that mention Delmar Delaware to my email.  Mostly it is homes for sale or services.  One service that came thru is the Sunshine Spa.  This is the massage parlor across from Bryan and Brittinghams.   It use to be the Rainbow Spa but I think an ownership change occurred.  The Rainbow Spa was always a low key place,  I have search the internet to see if any nasty things were happening there but the Rainbow Spa  just seem to a massage parlor.  The Google alert I recently received however linked to this ad

which again, nothing nasty but more general photographs there are a little more suggestive.  Now they have a motto "Wishes Come True Here".   So we will wait and see what may pop up about this place.


Thursday, January 14, 2016


Maryland's Third District, known as the Praying Mantis for it's shape.
Gerrymander  is the process of creating odd shape districts to favor a particular party, in this case it is a Democrat Drawn district.  Maryland and North Carolina has the worst cases of gerrymandering.  The Supreme Court recently unanimously ruled Steve Shapiro may proceed with his lawsuit against Maryland for the Gerrymandering.  The case is Shapiro v. McManus
Maryland overwhelmingly Democratic political leadership changed the lines to make it easier for Democrats to win in seven of the state’s eight congressional districts.
This week in "The Guide" 106 legal notices notifying the public in Sussex County Delaware  that individuals will apply for a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon
must be Christmas presents
The real Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin, 1928
An assortment of expressions and their alleged development can be found here
and speaking of expressions I had never thought much about the expression "Bell, Book, and Candle "
It turns out to be the way an excommunication is performed in the Catholic Church
Old people may remember the 1958 movie Bell Book and Candle
but I don't recall an excommunication in the movie

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Friends and Relatives Of The Powerball Winner

and how much would you really get out of the hyped up 1.5 billion.  Thinksquad has an interesting article on how much and it is located here

Monday, January 11, 2016

Some Monday Comments

First, I am disappointed, a calculation I had put as a post dividing 1.3 billion dollars by the population of the USA of 318.86 million came to 4 million dollars a piece and no one emailed me or commented about it.  This was a facebook thing going around and I put the data out there to see how many would pick it up and no one questioned it? Must be Delmar High School graduates.  $4 is the answer

Second, I am trying to deal with social security over the phone about a screwed up item on my mother's social security.
Yes it is like that when you try to deal with them.  It still is not resolved
Third, for this go around the good effect of dealing with Social security is you are foaming at the mouth by the time you are done talking to them and since I had broke down and got a DNA kit which requires filling a test tube with spit I was able to complete that part of the process fairly fast.

I went to a funeral yesterday at my age it occurs more frequent than I would care to see happen.  However a little funeral humor

and a great cake for an old person's birthday

and some cat humor

and some dog humor
You say you are waiting until Wednesday to buy your powerball ticket.  What if they are sold out of tickets by then?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Gig Line

While dressing this morning I took a moment to ensure the gig line was straight.  It tends to be a military term but other para-military groups police boy scouts etc will ensure it is straight also.  It is simply the alignment of the seam of the uniform shirt, belt buckle, and uniform trouser fly-seam. In order to be properly dressed, these three should align to form a straight line down the front of a person’s body.  A gig in the Air Force was a demerit and to not have your Gig line straight in basic training would result in some form of punishment.

Concealed Weapon License In Sussex County Last Week

Last week in the legal notices of "the Guide" 45 people filed for a license to carry a concealed deadly weapon in Sussex County.  Those are just the listings in the Guide hard to say how many more actually filed.

The filing process  and here

Looks like it would cost about $300 before you are done with the publishing fees, concealed weapon course and application fee.

I was not able to find an on-line list of people in Delaware who have a concealed gun permit, maybe it is some where out there.  I would guess in 2015 about 2,000 in Sussex County applied for a license.  In 2013 The Prothonotary says 2,617 people are currently holding active permits to carry a concealed firearm in Sussex County.  In all of 2012, only 435 applications were filed.  I think we can call this the Obama effect.

and the Delaware license is allowed in these states - none of which are adjoining Delaware
IDAHO(Enhanced Permits)
and those states tend to vary as to if they will or will not recognize the Delaware License.

Delmar MD Town Meeting Monday Night

Motion Picture Money

People collect about everything.  There are a number of niche markets out there for things I had never thought about people collecting and assigning a hierarchy of value to an object.  One I had never given much thought to is motion picture money, stage money or movie prop money.  The money is imitation greenbacks used in the movies to give the appearance of real money.  Recently a few have appeared in Salisbury being passed off as real money.  The bills usually have motion picture money printed on them. 
now of course you can just buy prop money and there are a number of websites that sell the stuff such as;

and of course on ebay
besides for stage plays maybe you want to impress your friends by having a roll of fake money to hold up and display as real.

but there seems to be value set on various types of prop money as a collector items see below;

the nearest I can determine is if the motion picture company name such as, 20th century fox, is printed on the bill it is of more value than just a plain bill.