Friday, February 05, 2016



Big Black Cloud Over Delmar

Back in the 1960s and depending on the type of telephone exchange you had you could dial a number you knew would more than likely be busy and talk over the busy signal to other people.  Called various names "The Beep Line" is the one I seem to recall being used most.  When a busy signal is heard it comes from a central location on the telephone exchange.  All the people who are calling that number at the same time would all be hooked into the same device generating the busy signal.  So if you called your favorite radio station WJDY it was usually busy so a number of teenagers discovered that between the beeps they could talk.  Like;  Beep "who Is" Beep "out there" Beep "want To" Beep "Hook up?"  Beep .  Yea it was cutting edge social media in the 1960's.  Eventually telephone exchanges came up with a method where this would not work but I recall it worked in Salisbury, later out in Ajo, Arizona and later still in Huntsville Alabama. 
cats watching it snow outside this morning

Very interesting results for this little test I have put some of the answers under it 
There were no survivors

“It’s no big deal.”
“I don’t love you.”

“Then there was one.”
The timing was wrong.
you owe me money
He’ll never pick me.
Forgotten, he died alone.
He never understood why

She is not yours.
Too long. Didn’t read

Never saw her again.
It was never real
I never loved me

what did I do?
Parallel lines never meet

Yet I said, no.
Sometimes I just cant
There was no pizza

i went too far

Hello? Is anybody there?

But nobody ever came…
What’d I do wrong?

We could have won
Depression prevails once again.
I am still alive

bringing a portion of the bay bridge down from Bethlehem steel

Afghan Khyber pass Martini pistol, late 19th century

Valentine Day Ceremonies

Sussex County Marriage Bureau to perform Valentine’s Day weekend ceremonies

Georgetown, Del., Feb. 4, 2016: Sussex County’s Marriage Bureau is taking to heart the old adage that love knows no boundaries.

Staff in the Marriage Bureau are accepting appointment reservations now to perform marriage ceremonies on Valentine’s Day weekend. Clerk of the Peace John F. Brady and his staff will be available by appointment Saturday, Feb. 13, and Sunday, Feb. 14, to perform marriage ceremonies at the County Administrative Offices building on The Circle in Georgetown.

“The Marriage Bureau has what I call an ‘open hearts and open door’ policy – we’re here to welcome in couples with love and care, and we’re here to do it no matter the time of day,” Mr. Brady said. “What better way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend than to be surrounded by so much love and help people make memories that will last a lifetime?”

Slots are available on both days, but couples must reserve in advance. Couples also must obtain a valid Delaware marriage license at least 24 hours in advance of any scheduled ceremony. Information about licensing requirements and rates can be found online at

For additional information or to schedule a ceremony with the Sussex County Marriage Bureau, call (302) 853-1717.


Tuesday, February 02, 2016



The media is giving Clinton the win in Iowa, I don't see how Clinton won as both of them seem to have had an even split on votes.  Oh well on to New Hampshire.

umm  umm  good from the 1950s

Well February 16th at 7:30 you can express your opinion on this topic.  You can also write a letter to Mayor Mike Houlihan Delmar Town Hall and your letter will be read at the meeting if you don't think you can be there.

Love will always find a way to overcome problems

Groundhog Day 2016

An old time Appalachian folk song; "Shoulder up your gun and whistle up your dog/Off to the woods to catch a groundhog ... Here comes Sal with a snigger and a grin/The groundhog gravy all over her chin ... Eat up the meat and ya save the hide/The best durn shoestring that ever was tied."

Monday, February 01, 2016

Dog Love

Crime In Delmar De

I recently was looking at a website in which someone did a search on crime rates in Bethany Ct to Delmar De.  Perhaps they were looking to move here but after looking at those rates comparison I would imagine they are not planning to move here now. 

Do we really have twice the violent Crime rate compared to the average in the United states or is it the way crime is reported?

The crime indices range 1-100. A higher number corresponds with more crime. Our crime rates are based on FBI data.

Compare Crime Rates
Bethany, CT - Delmar, DE

FROM: State:City:
TO: State:City: 
Crime RatesBethany, ConnecticutDelmar, DelawareUnited States
Violent Crime14.180.141.4
Property Crime11.368.843.5

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Morning

 A wounded chaplain reads a memorial service over the snowcovered bodies of dead Marines Koto-ri Korea.12- 3- 1950

high altar of the real capilla de granda spain

and on Monday a Delmar Delaware Council meeting