Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Thursday Morning Walk

Well after much doom and gloom from the weatherman all the strong wind we had last night did not do that much damage

Big dark clouds over Delmar this morning

in just a brief walk around town about 7 am all I saw was this tree in State Street park blown over and a few limbs and trash cans scatter about. 
There is however water standing everywhere

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The DNA Test

For those who have considered taken a DNA test to determine your ancestry, let me share with you my experience with the $99 DNA test.  Back in January I sent a test tube of spit to for the DNA test.  The results came back last week.  The lab results consisted of first, an analysis of where your DNA came from.  Second, a list of 7,800 other people who took the DNA test and were a match to be immediate family or a distant cousin.   

The Ethnicity Estimate, or where my DNA came from, was no surprise since I have done family tree work for a while.  In my case it showed;
Great Britain 56%
Ireland 25%
Scandinavia 8%
Iberian Peninsula 3%
Finland/Northwest Russia 3%
East Europe 2%
Italy/Greece less than 1percent
European Jewish less than 1 percent
Asia Central less than 1 percent
For the most part, you can see the origins follow migration, trade routes, wars and invasion routes

The list of 7,800 people that had a DNA test done and I was a relative of them was of a questionable value.   My daughter had a DNA test done last year so they showed her as immediate family,  the second and third cousins I could see how they were relatives.  The problems came when you got beyond third cousins; because everyone who is a native of the area tends to have the same surnames in their family tree.  For me, the number of Hearnes, Ellis, Hastings, Callaways, Culvers etc  is staggering so when you look at the remaining 7,700 “relatives” you have no idea how they are relatives other than they have a number of the same surnames your family tree has.  In some cases there are no familiar surnames and you would have to research deep in order to find the connection.

If you are adopted and have no idea who your birth parents are, I think for $99 this might be something you want to look at.  If, of course, you are curious about your DNA.  Not only would it give you a general idea of ethics and race types if you had a hit in the immediate family, first cousins second or third cousins you might well be able to tell the names of your biological parents.
If you were to take the DNA test results seriously you would want a second DNA test made by a different company and then you could compare the results to have a better feel for how accurate they are. 



Monday, February 22, 2016

The Monday Morning Walk

Great weather for taking a walk.  Let me tell you every day you have over age 60 is a gift and you should make the most of it.

The guys at Rt54 Bargain Outlet were out this morning putting out their stuff.

Big load of chairs setting outside for someone to buy

an overcast morning but it is a good morning for a walk

Crocus are in bloom, it gives old people the hope they might see spring

I noticed water is still standing in a lot of backyards plus this ditch by the feed mill still has water in it.

We went to Pocomoke on Saturday to visit some of my wife's relatives for a chili cookoff.  Those holding their hands up were the winners.

There is a page on facebook called old Baltimore photos that I took this Johnny Unitas ad from.  Great photos of Baltimore and sometimes the Eastern Shore but the volume of posts to the facebook page is incredible, like about a hundred a day.

While doing research on some family trees, I came across this  1927 yearbook photos from Evansville Indiana.  Looking at the girls it would appear bangs were all the rage either in 1927 or at least in Evansville, Indiana.

I thought it was odd the way this German soldier carried his shovel.  I wonder if it was a form of protection for his heart

great camouflage

The magic glasses exposes them
The main entrance door to NSA