Saturday, March 05, 2016

Micro Grants For Community Gardens



March 1, 2016


DOVER -- Organizations wanting to launch or expand an urban agriculture or community garden project to benefit their neighborhood can apply for new micro-grants from the Delaware Department of Agriculture, Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee announced today.

"The last few years have seen tremendous growth and interest in local community agriculture projects across our state, and we want to support that even more," Kee said. "These micro-grants will provide seed money to get gardens off the ground or expand current ventures. They will strengthen their communities, provide nutritious locally grown foods, and help our young people develop connections to the land."

The micro-grant program offers up to $1,000 per project for supplies, materials, seeds, or minor equipment. Under this year's pilot program, $10,000 in reimbursement funding is available statewide.

Eligible applicants include nonprofit organizations, religious organizations, municipalities, schools, or organized neighborhood associations. For-profit businesses and individuals are not eligible.

Applications must be received by 4:30 p.m. April 1.

For more information and an application, visit, email, or call the Department of Agriculture Marketing Section at 302-698-4500.


Thursday Dinner At School

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

The Wednesday Walk

It was a nice day for a walk.  I decided to walk the track north to the Allen feedmill. 
Walking on the track is rough walking, you definitely need good shoes.

 Sometime it is safer walking the track and putting up with homeless people trying to bum a cigarette off you, wild dogs, skunks and emerging snakes than walking the streets of Delmar.

Back in the 1970s and 1980s we had a number of people who were alcoholics or deranged who wandered around town bumming cigarettes or change.  Josh, Drydock, and Cigarette Annie comes most readily to mind, but there have been several more after them. For the most part they were harmless, unless drunk, in which case they were a problem. Usually a quarter or so would buy them off and they would leave you alone for the rest of the day.  Cigarette Annie use to hit you up for a quarter but if you gave her more she would tell you she didn't want it, all she wanted was a quarter. The woman had ethics.

Those people finally left or died and for a while we were left to our selves.  In the past couple of years we have people walking the streets with backpacks on, whom I think will steal anything they can find and cram in the backpack.  To add to the problem, the town wants to allow a homeless veterans shelter in a residential zone part of town.  They refused to make a decision last month and postponed it to this month.  They are scheduled to have their continued Board of adjustments meeting on March Tuesday March 15th at 7:30.  I am sure after a month from the first meeting they have found a way to justify allowing it in town and we will go back to having bums walking the streets again.

Back to my walk, I think the track is rough shape given the number of Railroad ties that are broken and these divots in the track but what do I know.

when you get beyond Old Racetrack Road you come across a second set of rails that are a bit overgrown until they get down next to the feedmill, where they are cleaned up.

and there is the usual vandalism to the signals

as you get closer to the mill you end up with three sets of tracks.  This is actually in the town limits as when the old Delmar Drive In was built they wanted to be in the town limits because they could show movies on Sunday if they were with in a town.  So the town did some gerrymandering and ran the town limits along side the railroad tracks until they came to the Drive in and then annexed the Drive In.  Today the land for the old Drive In is still in the town limits but will probably never have town water and sewer run to it.

This is a lazy man's blind as it has a set of steps leading up to it.  I think the ditch is Meadow Branch which goes on out to Old Crow Road and north.  My father use to tell me about fishing in this in the 1920s.  His uncle, Horace Hearn, and him use to fire a shotgun into the water and kill fish that way.  No doubt that wouldn't be allowed today, but in the 1920s it was called getting the job done.

the signal pole across from the blind seems to have been hit by something

must be termites as it has holes all in it.
 I noticed other signaling devices having the same problem

The old tires continue to be stored out by Old Racetrack road.  When mosquito control comes in because of our complaints they insist the tires are not a problem but the two bottlecaps in our yard that had water in them was the entire problem as to why we have mosquitos.  Shows what happens when you hire students from a college for summer mosquito control.  The world has too many educated people in it and not enough with common sense.